Weekend 2nd tri

Morning all. 

I so wanted a long lie but L was through at 6.30 and H's alarm went off at 7, then A appeared. They are now watching Peter Pan on the laptop in my bed while I make breakfast. They have their martial art class at lunchtime and I might nip to my folks for a bit but that's our only plans. H wants to tell them about the baby tonight so we may take them out for dinner first. 

H is hosting a kettlebell seminar in Darlington tomorrow so will be leaving at 5am, not looking forward to that early start! Guessing he won't be home until late as well so ill have a bust Sunday between sorting the kids, the gym and I have clients in all afternoon. 

My hips, pelvis etc are better but I've hardly done anything all week which I obviously can't continue. I have Physio on Wednesday so will see what they say. I've been doing a primal movement routine every morning and some exercises on the ball which I think have helped a bit. 

I bought a change mat in Asda the other day, its so cute. Wee blue and red giraffes and elephants!  

Hope everyone has a good weekend planned x


  • Hello

    Cant believe you've not told them yet. Has abi not noticed your tummy? We got a nemo change mat from tesco for £2.50 not my first choice but at that price was a gd buy.

    just off to ballet and then swimming. Few bits of shopping to do this aft but thats it for today :-)

    Ck 24+1

  • They are starting to question so that's why S wants to tell them. I'm just paranoid that something goes wrong and we have to explain to them as well as deal with it.

  • Good morning!

    LR- I can see why you'd be concerned, do many other people know? Is there any chance someone else might spoil the surprise for you? That'd probably convince me if so!

    CK- Have a nice afternoon, sounds like a nice easy paced day :)

    AFM I am off to have my flu jab in a bit... I get it every year because I work around the public so we're given it as a matter of course,  and hadn't given a 2nd thought to getting it this year but one of the girls at my aqua natal group said she was going to decline it, which worried me a bit. I have read up on it and seen that they've done longitudinal studies on women who've had it in pregnancy and everything is fine but it has made me pause for thought a bit!

    Later today my Mum and her partner are coming to look at the new house (she has said they are coming to help us sort everything out as they were away when we moved... but we're nearly there with everything although the sadistic part of me is trying to think up jobs for her to do, hah!) then my Dad and his partner are coming over this evening again to see house and then go for a curry. Busy busy!

    I'm on annual leave next week so hope to be around a bit more!

  • Morning ladies,

    LR, you always sound so busy! Glad your hips feel better, hope you can rest as much as possible.

    CK, enjoy shopping!. What you going for?

    Not sure what we have planned today, kinda hoped it would rain so I could get away with sitting at a soft play eating cake while M ran around but to be fair some fresh air and exercise will do me good! So a walk and maybe get lunch somewhere I think. Got to go to post office, H has a couple of things to do too, plus there's loads of housework to be done so I'll be kept busy anyway.

    Early start tomorrow, going to Disney on Ice at braehead but think traffic through Glasgow will be busy with Great Scottish Run being on so shall leave extra early and go to my mum's first. So tonight will be a Homeland season 2 marathon and an earlyish night.

    Hi to everyone coming on later, hope everyone has good weekends!

  • Rose, it'll be nice showing your parents the new house! Make sure you get them helping!

    Hope flu jab isn't too ouchy x

  • Morning everyone!

    On my phone so difficult to do personals but hope everyone is ok.

    Currently in matalan but their mat section consists of about 10 items!! Waiting for H to try on a load of stuff instead. talk about role reversal!

    Other than that baby is kicking lots and 20 week scan on monday!

  • Hi everyone, it's quiet in here. Hope that means everyone is having a good weekend.

    We are in Sheffield this weekend visiting family and showing of my v small bump. It's been lovely though, been given some nice gifts already including knitted cardis.


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