Weekend 2nd tri

Morning all. 

Sorry Ive not been about. shad a busy few days. I was working Wed and Thursday, yesterday was spent running about organising our MacMillan coffee morning, which is today. And last night I made fudge, rocky road, crispie cakes, carrot and chocolate cupcakes. I was still baking at 11 o'clock. Then had a fall out with H, I asked him to do one thing - check the kids martial art uniforms were ready for today. He announced he was going to bed and I knew he still hasn't done it and of course they had t even been washed so I had to start that and wait up for the machine to finish. I was raging. Then L woke up and it took me a hour to get him back to sleep. I eventually got to bed at 2am, being up since 6. And up again at 6 today. Got so much to do again today  and another late night of baking. Tomorrow we have the anniversary of opening/open day at the gym so another long day. 

Im already in a crap mood!

babywise nothing to report really. Have mw on Tuesday but might have to cancel as I'm working. 

Hope everyone is good x


  • Oh LR that sounds exhausting! Hope your H is getting the silent treatment today after that!! Poor you :( I hope your events are a success this weekend and you manage to catch up on sleep meantime.

    We have H's kids + the daughter's BF and another friend over for lunch today. It's H's birthday tomorrow so we are just doing soup and cake. Need to get started on making both!

  • Wow LR, you must be knackered. Hope your H is being nice to you this morning! Can you cheat and buy bits from Tesco or something for tomorrow?

    All ok here, i think I've been feeling baby move but the doubt myself! Going to see Monsters University at the cinema this morning then out for lunch. Got a few things o return to the shops plus need to get a present for a party M is going to tomorrow. Then I think we will take them to the park or out on their scooters later. Tonight will mainly be spent watching strictly and x factor much to Hs disgust Laugh and will watch another episode of Homeland season 2 as we've been sky plus sing

    Hope everyone else is having a good day and LR I hope your coffee morning goes well and you get some rest later xx

  • Morning LR, you sound so busy. Id be absolutely exhausted, I had a long day yesterday and collapsed in bed at 10 so I can't imagine how knackered you are! Try to get some rest today if you can.

    I'm dying of a cold today and really annoyed I can't do anything about it. I'm going to see my friend in Bristol this weekend which is a 2 hour drive and really don't feel like it which sounds terrible. Think it will be a short visit. Has anyone else had a cold while preggers? Pleeeeease tell me why I can take!

    Hope everyone is ok x

  • SP enjoy your lunch and family time today. I like the idea of a light lunch to leave room for cake!

  • LD, you could crush up paracetamol in warm water and add lemon juice and honey? Hope your cold doesn't last long, it's the pits.  Enjoy time with your friend

  • Sorry Sweetpea and Weekender, it took me so long to type I missed you.

    I loved monsters university!

  • LD ive not seen it before so looking forward to it. Hoping little one will sit through it we've got stepson this weekend and she usually sits and watches the film if he's there, always copying :)

  • Sweet pea - soup and cake sounds good, I love homemade soup and warm bread rolls with real butter - yum!

    Weekender - we seen Monsters Uni for A's bday, the kids loved it.

    Little Dude - paracetamol and warm juice is about all you can take. Lots of rest is probably your best bet.

    H is working all day so won't see him. That's how the argument started, I asked him to sort the kids uniforms and he complained he'd worked 65 hrs this week (in a sarcastic way) my argument is it was his choice to be self employed and work so much meaning I can only work part time due to the kids. Plus this is the first time ever I haven't been the bread winner and worked FT plus have a second job and uni or college going at the same time. I was fuming when he made it sound like I do nothing. I wanted to start listing all the things I've supported him through, how it was my money that was used to open the gym in the first place blah blah blah but I honestly don't have the energy so he's had to silent treatment since.

  • Sorry that was another rant!

  • Ooh LR I'd be telling him to bake his own cakes for tomorrow! It's amazing how they think we do  nothing when actually being at work is often the easier option!

  • Busy thread already!

    Morning all

    LR, what an exhausting day. Good luck for today, hope it all goes well and you manage to find some time to relax x

    Sweetpea, have a lovely weekend and happy birthday to your H

    Weekender, I imagine it will be baby movements, it will get stronger and more frequent , enjoy

    LittleDude, I think it's just paracetamol. Colds suck! Hope you feel better soon

    Afm, off to a baby and toddler show in Manchester , keep your fingers crossed for lots of bargains x

  • Morning all! Managed to finally get on here at a decent time, nice to catch up with you all!

    LR- I'm not surprised you're feeling so cross, I hope he comes to his senses and apologises!

    SP- Enjoy your weekend, sounds like good fun! And you've now made me crave soup and cake ;-)

    Weekender- I bet it is the baby you're feeling! Eek how exciting! Enjoy the cinema, I'm dying to see Monsters University (big kid here), let us know if you enjoy it!

    LD- I hope you feel better, it's rotten not feeling well when you're so restricted what you can take for it :-( Hope the drive isn't too bad and you can chill out later.

    Mrs P- Enjoy baby and toddler show, hope there's lots of bargains there, you'll have to let us know what you buy!

    AFM... what a week! We moved last Saturday and it's been full on. We got the keys on Friday and quickly realised that we will need to do a fair bit of re-decorating (although thankfully not too much DIY) and OH has been busy painting and constructing Ikea furniture all week. We've both been absolutely exhausted and are hoping to have a less hectic weekend... although are off to Ikea this morning so let's see how that pans out! But the house is getting there very slowly, it'll take time to feel like home but it's getting there.

    And as for baby, it's been quite active this week after not feeling much movement on Saturday/Sunday (probably because I was moving around so much) and I think must have had another growth spurt as my bump has grown! The only thing I'm struggling with at the moment is getting my 5 a day fruit and veg - what with not finishing stuff in the house until late so having 'easy' meals and that on Thursday evening our year old fridge freezer packed up (wahhh!) I end up feeling very guilty that I'm not doing right by baby and it's not getting what it needs :(

  • Evening ladies, apologies for lack of personals, hope everyone's having a good weekend.

    We had our 4D scan this morning and baby was not a fan!! It was amazing to see and we saw a great photo of the ambilical cord and even the blood flowing through it. My poor baby though was very camera shy and kept turning away with a buried face in the placenta! I got up, went for a pee, rolled on my left, flipped over to my right and everytime he just turned away. This was our 3rd scan of an amazing offer we got when we went for an early scan so we were due to pay £40 to 'upgrade' it to a 4D but they didn't change us anything as we only got two photos and they weren't brilliant.

    I did see lots of kicks and punches which was unreal to see and feel at the sametime! They also did all the measurements and I'm measuring at 25+4 which is bang on so nice to know that everything seems to be on track sort of thing. We saw another really detailed view of the heart beating and the blood flow in and out. 

    Anyway, here's my fuzzy pic

  • Ah.  MissDeeDee, that's still a lovely pic. It's ace to see in 4d! Sorry baby was camera shy, but it's always good to see them.

  • We are back from the baby show and shattered!

    Managed a couple of bargains, we got a lollipop lane Moses basket for £25 and a close caboo for £48. Picked up lots of other bits and pieces, the only thing they didn't have was monitors. Ibaby had a stand, but only had 2 models, so need to start doing some research on those.

  • Hi everyone

    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

    LR - Hope the coffee morning went well and you get some rest tonight.

    SP - Enjoy the cooking and hope your H has a good birthday tomorrow.

    WE - You probably have felt the baby but you will know for sure in a couple of weeks :)

    LD - I think you can take paracetamol and strepsils but that's about it. I hope it passes quickly for you.

    Mrs P - Glad you got some bits at the baby show. I really want to go to one but there isn't any close to me.

    Rose - You have been busy. I hope the house feels like home soon and I'm sure a few convenience meals won't hurt baby.

    MDD - Shame baby was being naughty and hiding. Sounds like a amazing scan regardless and even better that it was free!

    AFM - Been shopping today and got a couple more maternity bits to expand my limited wardrobe. Chilling out now in front of strictly following by x factor! Tomorrow will probably get some fresh air with the dog, hopefully weather will be better than today.

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