Weekend 2nd tri

Morning all. 

It was very quiet on here yesterday - I couldn't get on to post first thing, and by the time I got back to it there would probably have been nobody around. 

I had a very exciting evening last night as H agreed to my top choice of name, which I didn't think would happen in a million years as he flat out vetoed it when I was pregnant with Jacob, and wasn't keen when I first suggested it again this time round. I feel slightly guilty as I don't want us to name our daughter something he doesn't like, but I really do love it, so yay! (I'm not saying what it is though, just in case anyone from real life sees! Plans for today include a tip run to recycle the masses of cardboard from our bed delivery, then some cooking and cleaning in prep for having friends over for dinner tonight. 

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. 


  • Morning. I've had pretty much no chance of getting on before 6pm all week and everyone is away for the day by that time so no point in me posting.

    Happy weekend!!!!!!

    Spikey - that's brilliant H said yes to the name. Hope your day isn't too frantic. Sounds busy!!!!  Enjoy your dinner with friends tonight. How has the yoga been going???

    AFM - I'm in Edinburgh this weekend. Should be having a long lie but after my 3rd toilet trip at 6.30am I can't get back to sleep. Nothing much to report pregnancy wise this week except I got my scan date through for 19th February when I'll be 20+5. It's aaaaaaaaaaaaaages away. I swear time is standing still!!!!!  Apart from that we got a holiday booked for April. A week in Feurteventura which I'm really looking forward to.

    Hope everyone is ok xxx

  • Morning!  I haven't been able to get on for ages as all I seem to have time to do at the moment is work, eat and sleep.

    Spikey - Yay to H agreeing to the name!

    CA - have a lovely weekend!

    AFM - I've had my scan date aswell, for Valentine's day.  'm currently looking for somewhere to have a night away on the 18th/19th February. Unfortunately we won't get a longer break in before baby arrives.  Pregnancy wise nothing to report - just getting bigger and still tired most of the time!

    Hi to those who follow.

  • Morning

    SG- busy day ahead for you! What are you cooking for dinner?

    CA- enjoy seeing your friends in Edinburgh. I'm jealous of your holiday.

    Ixia- how lovely that your scan is valentines. I'm tired a lot too.

    AFM- a broken nights sleep but I managed to get back to sleep until 9am! Ace! We're going to finally buy a new tv today and deliberating about it for ages. I'm also doing boring household shopping today, Wilkos and b&m bargains! Whoop- not!

    In other news, 3 sleeps until my next scan.

  • SG- that's brilliant news!!

    Ca- I'm jealous I love fuertaventura , where are you going? Are you finding out he flavour?

    Lixa what a lovely a can date! Will you find out the flavour?

    Imp- hubby has wanted a new tv for ages but I refused, not long for your scan , will you be finding out?

    Afm- my sister in in the USA at the moment playing for team gb, she hasn't got the hang of time difference and woke me at 3, because that's exactly what I needed !! Tonight I have 10 people staying at my house after we have been out for an all inclusive party night! The only good thing today is the blinds are going up in the nursery and I'm getting my hair done :-)

  • CA- awesome news on the holiday front- I'm very jealous! We tackled about going away last pregnancy but my back was really bad from about 16 weeks, I couldn't stand or walk, so it see,pied a bit pointless going away. I'm sure your scan will come around sooner than you think, I find time speeds up in 2nd tri as you start to get things sorted. Yoga was good thanks, very relaxing. (I fell asleep during the relaxation bit at the end, but in my defence, I had pillows and blankets, the lights were off, and I'd been up since 4…30am.,)

    Ixia, what a lovely day for a scan. Valentines is cheesy nonsense, but I can't think of anything more romantic than getting to see the life you created together on screen.

    Imp-I'm v jealous of your 9am start! Enjoy tv shopping, and the non exciting shopping as much as you can. I think I'm cooking a chicken and leek pie for main, and toffee apple cake & ice cream for dessert, but not sure about the starter. So nothing hugely exciting, but they were warned that it'd be low effort dinner, and are coming more for the company!

    Monnie-ouch to the start, especially as it sounds like it'll be a late night. What does your sister play? Enjoy the haircut, a bit of pamper time is always nice.

  • She is a para olympic basketball player, she's there at the moment at a training camp and to play some matches, then she comes home for a fortnight and I think she's off to Atlanta next, she goes all round the world. But the biggy will be rio 2016! She's in this weeks copy of pick me up magazine!

    She's become a bit of a celeb in the para world

  • Mon you've got a famous sister!!! Enjoy your night tonight. How're your hands/wrists?

    We're not finding out, we want a surprise.

    SG I love chicken and leek pie, I could eat that now! Mmmmm. As for desert, is there any going spare? In fact, can I come for dinner?

  • Monnie - yes, we will be finding out the flavour. I can't wait! Enjoy getting your hair done.  Mine is awful at the moment and could really do with a tidy-up/re-style.

    Spikey - I completely agree about Valentine's day being cheesy, but it is a lovely day to have the scan on.  

    Imp - well done on getting back to sleep until 9am!

  • Morning all. Happy Sunday!!!

    Ixia - that's lovely - scan on Valentines Day!!!  Hope you get a break away sorted.

    Imp - hope you got more sleep last night and are enjoying your new tv. Not long until scan day now exciting!!!!

    Monnie - we are going to Corralejo  never been so looking forward to it. Nope, we aren't finding out what we're having - we'd like a surprise. Wow to your famous sister that's really cool. Hope your party went ok and you survived it. Also hope you're managing to get some sleep!!!

    Spikey - brilliant that you enjoyed the yoga. Sounds like bliss!!!!

    AFM - still in Edinburgh but will be heading home today. I'm off tomorrow so plan a tv day and some relaxation. Pregnancy wise, I appear to gave an extremely active baby - I hope this isn't a sign of how this little ones going to be on the outside!!!!!! I can feel movements but they are still really subtle at the moment. It's nice though.

  • Morning ladies.

    CA I heard that babies tend to be the opposite on the outside of how they were inside, no idea if that's true.

    I'm off for a pub lunch in the country today with friends. Looking forward to some yummy food and no washing up!

  • Morning!

    Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

    SG, hurrah for choosing a name! Lovely that it's your first choice and that your H has come around to it :)

    CA, hope you're having a fabulous time in Edinburgh. It stands to reason that you and Mr CA would have an active baby! I bet baby CA will soon be joining you for runs and helping out at kettlebells :) I really love the thought of that lol xx

    Ixia, glad your scan date has come through! Where are you thinking of going for your break away?

    Imp, enjoy lunch with your friends. Hope it's nice. Two more sleeps until your scan!! I'm so excited for you to see little Happy Feet again :)

    Monnie, hope you enjoyed your evening out! Where did you go?

    AFM, my bump is getting a bit more prominent now, I love it :) I have my 16 wk MW appointment on Tuesday (slightly late for 16 weeks!) and then my 20 week scan is booked for the middle of Feb. I'm just going to spend the day tidying and doing some chores today. The mess is starting to irritate me and when it's reached the stage of irritating me it really must be bad! Lol

    Happy Sunday ladies x

  • Imp - enjoy your lunch today sounds lovely. I hope you're right about baby being the opposite on the outside. I'll have a really chilled one if that's the case lol

    Fig - boooooo to tidying up but you'll feel much better when it's done. That's fab your bump is getting more prominent. So exciting.

  • Eeek just seen your ticker CA, you're an onion!!! :) :)

  • Haha. I know Fig. Crazy!!!!!!

  • Fig - I'd like us to have 1 night away on the 18th February. I don't want to travel far and want somewhere with a spa where I can get either get a pregnancy massage or pedicure (or both). My bump is also a lot more prominent than a couple of weeks ago. I've been in maternity trousers for a couple of weeks but need to get some tops now. Shopping tomorrow!

  • Have fun shopping Ixia and I really hope you get something booked up soon xx

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