Weekend First Tri

Hello everyone! 

Its raining here :( off to ikea for some trofast for the boys bedroom and Trafford centre for a christening present. Tomorrow we're off to a christening. 

Still tired but I'm not feeling too bad. I had a horrible dream last night though :( 



  • Isis - do you want to share your dream or would you rather not. I have disturbing dreams on a fairly regular basis so am not queasy...

    We had H's best mate & wife over for lots of Italian food (YUM!) last night and they were thrilled at our news! Today I've lots of glossing in the lounge, housework, crazy nephew for a few hours, and just had an emailed link to our finished wedding photos - I'm ridiculously excited as it was 4 weeks ago today and I'm still on a high :)

    Thrush is annoying! x

    C - 4+4

  • It was that we lost (as in disappeared) Jude, horrible. I don't usually remember my dreams.  Oh yay for wedding photos, we got married at the end of March, feels like forever ago lol

  • Isis - sounds like a busy day of shopping! Vivid dreams can be horrid, i remember them from P but they've not started yet this time.

    Counter - sounds like a lovely evening and yay to wedding photos! I still love looking through ours and we got married 3 years ago.

    AFM- still sleeping like a log although we were woken up by a huge storm overhead at 1am. Was amazing to watch and luckily didn't wake P up. I have been peeing onIC's all week and love seeing the line get darker each day but i think it might be time to stop. I have a CBD i'm going to do end of the week to makes sure the numbers are going up. I booked an early scan for 8 weeks yesterday. The saturday appointments go fast and although its 4 weeks away i'm glad i know it's there. I don't believe in tempting fate either, if something goes wrong it wont be because i booked a scan.

    Enjoy your weekends ladies.

  • AR, I pee'd on a stick loads then realised I was making myself crazy so I made myself stop.  I'd stop after the CBD if you can. Great you have a scan date to look forward to, it makes everything easier ime.  

  • Morning all

    Isis hope you have a nice day and don't have anymore bad dreams.

    Counter glad your friends were pleased for you.

    AR step away from the tests!! I know its hard to when you have spare ones though.

    Im still in bed but must get up and finish packing.

    Is anyone noticing that their hair isn't falling out as much yet? Mines still falling out loads but I think some of it may be from my last pregnancy. I wish it would stop as its making me think Im going to go bald!!

  • I'm definitely going to stop the ICs now and will just do the CBD next week.

    MrsV - You just wait until after baby arrives, you will loose it by the handful. It's pretty glamorous!!

  • Morning ladies,

    I'm going to meet friends for lunch/coffee this afternoon, haven't seen one in about a year ans a half as she's living in London just now, and she's bringing her new fiance with her, so exciting! Other than that we've not much planned this weekend, looking forward to lots of resting (hopefully! Easier said than done with a 3 year old in tow!)

    Isis, that dream sounds awful, hope your busy day today helps you forget it

    Counter, Indian food and wedding photos sounds like a great day to me!

    AR, I did a second CBD about ten days after the first to make sure t was going up the weeks, was do nervous about it it was unreal but luckily it said 3+ as it should have. Glad you got your scan booked, I'm having trouble waiting till 8+4 for mine, 12 weeks seems impossible.

    MrsV, not noticed the hair yet, hopefully that will come soon, my hair is always really fine, it would be good to have it a bit thicker for once!

    Hope everyone has a lovely day today xx

  • Morning ladies!

    Isis- enjoy the christening! Horrible dream though :( Do you often have them? Sometimes I wonder if the hormones play a part....

    Counter- I hope you feel better but enjoy the food and photos, so exciting to get them back, I remember I couldn't wait!

    AR- I was peeing on ICs for ages too. In fact I did one the other day 'just for fun' (don't know why) and it is very reassuring. Glad you've got your scan booked, exciting!

    Mrs V- I'd stay in bed a bit longer if I were you ;-) The only thing I've really noticed with the hair is that its condition isn't as good as normal. My hairdresser said it was because the baby was taking all the nutrients, cheeky thing!

    Weekender- Enjoy meeting your friend and her fiance, and resting, sounds lovely!!

    AFM we are off to visit friends in Newbury today- just for the afternoon and dinner, which will be lovely. Not up to much tomorrow thank goodness! I managed to get some lovely plum/wine coloured maternity jeans yesterday which are so comfortable, I'm totally converted! (I need to take them and my other pair up though- for some reason maternity clothes come up long on me!)

  • Rose, that sounds like a nice,afternoon today, it's always nice catching up with friends. Where did you get your jeans from? I've had a quick look online and there doesn't seem to be much choice for maternity wear, not things that were"me" anyway!

    Enjoy your weekend x

  • Morning ladies,

    Isis - sorry about the bad dreams. I have really vivid dreams and it's quite disturbing sometimes. Enjoy shopping too.

    Counter - that's lovely your friends are happy for you. And isn't pregnancy glamorous.

    AR - you have to put down the sticks! I did my last one at 10 weeks haha and it disnt make me feel any better. The scan is something to look forward to.

    Mrs V - I haven't noticed the hair thing but I wouldn't mind if it gets thicker.

    Weekender - enjoy your weekend, sounds lovely.

    Rose - enjoy seeing your friends. Where did you get your jeans. I really need some now.

    Afm, got my 12 week scan on Monday morning. So nervous but can't wait. It's my first scan and I can't believe I've lasted this long without booking a private one. I've suddenly started feeling sick too. Is this meant to happen at 12 weeks?! I was up at 3am trying to stop myself from throwing up. First time ive felt that bad. Thought I'd got away with it! Not up to much today, but of shopping maybe and going to christening tomorrow.

    Hope you all have nice weekends. x

  • I'm knackered after our trip out! The boy has some decent toy storage though so happy. We had a quick look in JL at prams.  My MIL has offered to buy it and was on about the silvercross wayfarer so I wanted to see it in the flesh before I saw her again and I wasn't that keen tbh, still love the bee though as does H so we just need to win her round lol AND H said I can have a pink one if it's a girl :D

  • Weekender - how was the meet? Was he lovely?!

    LD - are you feeling any better?

    I stayed up until 2am editing our 'photo booth' photos - not a proper booth, a frame we made and hung - from 1,500 to 91, ha ha. The kids had a ball, going to pop the whole lot on a disc for the parents whose kids are in loads of pictures, I think they'll have a laugh!

    Stayed up late also because H was on a late and I barely felt ill or sick yesterday and it bothered me and I knew if I went to bed it would just play on my mind. Knackered today though! Got a lot of glossing in the lounge to do, need to go in to work for two or three hours, housework, catch up with a friend who was my bridesmaid but we've both been away and not seen each other since the wedding, and now she's set a date for hers there's lots I want to be nosey about, ha ha. Hope everyone is having a good wknd x

  • Morning all

    Counter, he was lovely, we all agreed that he was good enough for her and therefore they could indeed get married Laugh it was a really nice afternoon, M was so well behaved too, which always helps. It sounds like you've got a busy day planned today, male sure you don't overdo it!

    Isis, glad you got sorted with Ikea, Ikea on a saturday is my idea of hell. The bee looks good, I'd like a new pram, got the m&ps ultima at the mo, don't think H will agree to that! Hope you are enjoying the rest of your weekend

    LD, enjoy the christening today, good luck for tomorrow xx

    Ladies, I'm starting to believe I'm going to have a baby. The nausea has kicked in now, I can't face eating much, and the exhaustion and sore b00bs are back with a vengeance. And I'll be 7 weeks tomorrow which is some weird milestone in my head, I don't know why? Anyway, fingers crossed I'm right!  12 days till early scan.

    Have a good Sunday everyone! X

  • Morning ladies.

    I got my jeans from Gap and New Look. Both in the sale, the Gap ones were £7  and are normal jeans, and the New Look ones were £12 and are sort of a plum/mulberry colour. I just need a black pair then I'm sorted... (should probably reign myself in too!!!)

    Hope you can take it a bit easy Counter, all that glossing sounds like hard work! And glad you're starting to feel more symptom wise Weekender... although bad luck because it is pretty rotten feeling unwell!!

    Hope everyone has a good Sunday. We're just chilling out today which is much needed, and having a nice big roast. I might persuade H to go for a little walk though, but that will be the extent of anything energetic today!

  • So upset. I went in to work about 5pm after a lovely day. I told H I was worried I wasn't feeling ill enough and we talked about it and I said perhaps part of the problem was that I was so very ill, all day every day, with my son. And perhaps I was getting used to the nausea.

    I've urgent audit work to do and I just couldn't concentrate, felt wound up, angry (for no reason) and like I would cry. I sat with my head in my hands trying to work it out and could only describe it as PMT. I normally get one day or evening of tears/upset then that's it. That's how I feel this evening. It's taken me 2 hours to do about 30 mins work. I'm going home now but I stopped to use the loo and there's just the tiniest bit of pink. Which of course, given how I'm feeling, has made me totally panic. I'm going home to wake H up and then he goes on a nightshift. I feel wretched. Haven't felt so low in such a very, very long time. And I can't tell if it's physiological (like my PMT) or if I'm worrying about the pregnancy. It feels more like it's my body and not my mind. Which worries me more. Oh well, there's nothing I can do about anything. Might as well head off home and get the painting finished....

  • I'm sorry you feel so rubbish counter. Remember it's very very early to get any symptoms. I have felt less sick today too and was wondering if i'm getting used to it. Trying not to worry too much as i'll be cursing it in a few weeks i'm sure. Try and relax at home and have an early night.

  • Counter, get some rest and an early night and hopefully everything will seem better in the morning <hug> spotting is normal but obviously if it gets worse or anything make sure you see someone if you feel you need to.  It's early to be having symptoms so I wouldn't read too much in to it either way.

  • Hope you are ok counter. I would mention it to your midwife just in case but it is very common as Isis said.

  • I've had bright red and pink spotting sporadically counter and saw my wee heartbeat at 7+3 and all was fine. Small amounts of bleeding in pregnancy is actually quite normal so long it's not like a period or alongside cramps. It's normal to have at least one melt down early on and how you are feeling is perfectly normal! Try and relax this evening and do something nice. Incidentally is your gloss solvent based? If so then you are excused from that job in pregnancy! It's nothing to worry about but the NHS recommends avoiding it.

    Sending you big hugs xx

  • Hope you're feeling ok Counter. Try not to worry. I'm sure it's perfectly normal but just keep an eye on it. x

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