Weight gain in pregnancy

I'm freaking out a bit. I stupidly weighed myself last night and I was 10 st 12. Pre pregnancy I was 9 st 7-11lb. I'm only 18 weeks so is it normal to have gained a stone already? I exercise 5 days a week (Metafit x4, boxing x2, yoga, kettlebells x2, aqua natal) plus I walk a couple of miles every day for school run and with my dogs. I'm eating as I did but with more carbs, but not loads. 

Yesterday I had 1 slice brown toast with banana, a roast chicken salad sand which for lunch, dinner was a baked potato with tuna & extra light macoy roast pepper couscous, LF coleslaw, peppered rocket. I also had a huge chunk of watermelon and a lot of cherries. Oh and a peanut chunky kit KaT. That's not really bad all day. 

Im panicking because I put on 4 stone with A, lost 3.5 of it within a week though (lots of fluid). I gained about 2.5 stone with L which was harder to shift but I did get below pre pregnancy weight again. 

I just can't gain 4 stone again! 

I was prepared for gaining lists in the last few weeks but didn't expect a stone already. 

Can anyone tell me what they had put on weight wise by about half way through their pregnancy? 


  • Mine was slow and steady I think, but ended up 3st with both. Now baby #2 is 2 weeks old I'm carrying just under a stone extra. Some people gain more than others, maybe your body just wants good reserves as you maybe normally have a fast metabolism (if you exercise a lot). It can be fluid too. Just continue to eat sensibly and do some exercise and deal with it all later.

  • Oh, and first time I think I gained 1 stone by 5months. I remember it distinctly as I'd weighed the exact same when I was a bit of a fat teenager.

  • as long as you are eating healthily and continuing with gentle exercise try not to fret about it. I gained 5st with my first but dropped 3 of those within a week or so. i had put on 1st by 14 weeks.

  • dont worry LR - i have already gained over  stone! and im 16 weeks! i am huge though!

  • Ive never weighed myself in preg but have this time. I'm a lb pre preg weight at almost 20 weeks which i find a bit more worrying as ive not been eating less or sick much.

  • I have no idea how much I have gained so far as my scales have broken! (I think this is a blessing!).

    Last time I think I'd only gained 5 pounds by 20 weeks but I'm much bigger this time around so god knows how heavy I am now.

  • I wouldn't worry, I don't think that sounds like too much. I found a really good website (I'll look for the link) that asks you to input you weight and height pre pregnancy and then gives you ranges for each few weeks. I've gone from 9st 11 (ish) to 10st 7 and according to the chart thing I'm in the range for my dates.

    Found it - www.kidspot.com.au/.../pregnancyweightgain.asp

    I think from what you've said your eating well and probably doing more excercise that most pregnant women so I don't think you have any reason to worry.

  • i tend to gain most of my weight in the first try and then it all slows down.  I gained a stone in the first tri with all of mine (start weight 9 1/2 - 10 st).  In total I gained 3 st with no 1, 2.5 st with no 2 and just over 2 st with no 3.  MUCH harder to lose with no 3 and I have a stone to go but I put it down to BF and my body clinging onto the fat!

  • Missdeedee going by that chart I've gained about double what I should have by now. I could actually cry (ok maybe I am already)

    I know carbs cling to me but I'm trying to be sensible and eat a normal balanced diet while pregnant.

    I've never found it easy to loose weight while bfing hence not wanting to gain loads. I'm assuming ill bf for a year + again and want back to pre pregnancy weight ASAP.

  • That was supposed to say under! I wouldnt worry youll get it off in no time if you carry on with all those classes once baby is here. The most important thing is you are both healthy. Maybe cooking a giant baby.

  • Morph that's reassuring to hear. I know I ballooned at the end the first time - it was July/August and really hot. My feet were so swollen I went up two shoe sizes and could oh wear toe thongs. Couldn't put my own socks on, couldn't fasten my bra because I was so puffed up. Was awful.

  • That's the think though CK. I won't be able to do all the classes. S won't let me train for 12 weeks though this is up for discussion as I say 6 is fine. Plusi can do all the classes while I'm at work just now and A and L are in school/nursery. Ill have the baby so won't manage as much.

    I need to pray for a content happy baby who can be boobed and will nap in the gym!!!

  • Oh sorry lovey, I wish I hadn't posted it now! You don't look big LR, please don't worry about it. There's no exact science behind it, you might have put more weight on your boobs or have more fluid. I've seen your bump shots and you look really good! I don't think you look big or like your carrying extra weight thats not bump xx

  • I've gone up 2 cup sizes already and my thighs are def bigger. I feel like I've lost muscle tone in my arms as well.

    I literally couldn't do a sit up on Monday without holding a weight plate out I front of me to counter balance my weight. I had abdominal separation in my first pregnancy 5 years ago and it's taken me until the beginning of this year to get it 100% sorted. I really want to avoid that again

  • I wouldnt worry about it, it goes in spurts I found. From week 21-27 I put on 11ibs on but ive only put 17ibs on  overall and im currently a week overdue. I gained lots in short spaces of time then nothing for weeks

  • I'm not weighing myself as I'll get all obsessive. I've gone up a clothes size anf it seems to be stable, so I'll worry about it afterwards. It's more important to be healthy.

  • LR I don't think you should be getting yourself so upset about this. You exercise loads and you eat well. Pregnancy is not a time for dieting and you need to take care of yourself physically and mentally. My suggestion would be to give up the scales and as long as you continue to take care of yourself in the way that you are at the moment then your body will do what it needs to do. You've successfully lost baby weight in the past and you'll do it again this time. You look fabulous and if you start to over do things unnecessarily you might do yourself some damage. Please just take care and enjoy your pregnant body if you can.

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