Weight gain in pregnancy

1st time mum to be worrying a little here - probably unnecessarily but still!

At what point did people start to gain weight during their pregnancy? I am 20+4 and have only gained 2lbs so far. 

At my scan baby was measuring slightly above average so am not too worried, just everyone keeps saying I should have gained more weight by now and it is making me worry a little!


  • I gained just over a stone in my whole pregnancy and went to 42 weeks! I didn't really have a noticeable bump until 30 weeks, so much so my neighbour only noticed I was pregnant when I had a week left. Everyone gains and shows differently so I wouldn't worry as long as your midwife is happy I wouldn't worry

  • I had nothing until about 24 weeks no bump and no weight gain, everyone told me I'd make up for it, and at my 32 weeks appt I'd put a stone on about 6lb of which was the baby, but I reckon in the past few weeks I've piled on a few more pounds at least. I wouldn't worry you'll probably find you gain in the last trimester, and as long as your baby's fine and your eating well the weight gain isn't a biggie

  • I'm due today and I've gained 1 st 8lbs. The baby is estimated at 8-8.5lbs so hopefully the rest is placenta, waters etc!

  • I gained about 1.5 stone with Isla and 2 stone with Maya which I thought was pretty good. Didn't have a bump til 24 weeks with Isla and was back in pre pregnancy jeans 3 weeks post birth. I wouldn't worry. If everything is fine with your scan than just consider yourself one of the lucky ones x
  • I wouldn't worry, I gained about 2 st but it was mostly at the end and I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans after 2 weeks. 2-2.5 stone is to be expected as this shows....

  • It can also depend on how much you weighed to start with - if you're overweight they prefer you not to gain so much.  Also if you're quite ill in the first tri you're likely to lose weight then, and so probably only just back to your normal weight at about 20 weeks.

    On the other end of the scale, I ended up putting on nearly 3 stone with C, and I hate putting on weight - by about 17/18 weeks I was getting so upset about it I stopped weighing myself until right at the end.

  • So far I've put on about 5lb. I'm hoping I won't put on too much weight as I know I'll struggle to lose it after.

    If the scan is showing that baby is the right size and the mw is happy I honestly wouldn't worry.

  • Thank you for your reassurance everyone!

    The midwife hasn't weighed or measured me since booking in, but I guess that will start at around 24 weeks?

  • Of course, what imp says about baby showing to be right size and MW being happy is the most important.

    I  was only ever weighed at booking in appointment so don't expect them to weigh you again - it's just the fundal measurement they do.

  • I didn't get weighed in my first pregnancy after the booking-in. With this one I was concerned about weight loss as between getting pregnant and booking-in I'd lost 4-5lb. It wasn't through sickness, I believe it's due to breastfeeding my one year old, and I don't want to stop. I mentioned it to the midwife and she's written it down that I'm to be weighed at my next appointment to monitor it. I've been weighing myself at home too and thankfully not lost any more, although I'm much earlier on than you are.

    She suggested really taking a look at my protein (I'm a vegetarian so it's slightly harder) and having a hot chocolate made with milk at night to replace some of the calories lost through sustaining a pregnancy (and BFing in my case).

  • I've just weighed myself for the first time since I was booked in, and I've gained 10.5lbs since my pre-pregnancy weight. The vast majority of that has been in the last 4-5 weeks, though.  I have the opposite worry to you, I'm now worried I'm going to gain too much, as I was overweight to begin with!

  • I gained soooo much with J, and he was 6lb3. My sister gained under a stone and her baby was 7lbs, so there's no direct correlation. As long as your MW is happy I'd try not to worry too much.

  • I might weigh myself later (37w). I hadn't gained weight by 20w despite eating complete rubbish during first tri but was never sick. I've definitely gained wait now. I had a v obvious bump but had a flat tummy pre pregnancy.

  • I gained almost nothing and baby was born healthy and a good size. I was never weighed after the booking in appointment until my due date at the hospital. If the midwives aren't concerned I'd not worry too much. We're all different.

  • I only gained 9lb in the whole of my pregnancy. i wasn't ill or anything just didn't seem to put anything on. 4 days post birth i got on the scales and was 13lb lighter than before i got pregnant. so long as you're eating healthily and baby is growing i wouldn't worry x

  • I also hadn't gained much by 20 weeks and had zero bump! Most of my weight gain has been happening in the last 6-7 weeks and I've now put on 1st 6lb and bubs is measuring right size. You are unlikely to be weighed by your MW but your bump will be measured and so long as they are happy you can be too!

  • Thank you to all you lovely ladies for the reassurance! :)

  • Jem you lucky thing!!

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