Went on my NCT First Aid Course...

There were 5 breastfeeding mums, dads and baby's, one pregnant couple and me! The trainer kept referring to me as child minder!! 

I hate to say I was adopting so would be using the first aid for my own child. Two couples then started speaking to me about the process which was lovely but one lady said when the trainer said 'if babies cry is a higher than normal' 'you won't understand your baby like that'. Did make me feel a bit left out but it was my first parenting thing and I went alone so I felt quite proud of that. 


  • The trainer sounds awful - becoming a mummy is amazing regardless of how you become one. I'm sure you'll learn the different sounds of crying just as well as if you'd given birth yourself, what a ridiculous comment for her to make!!

    I'm so pleased two of the couples took the time to talk to you and make you feel better. Well done you for going xxx

  • How cheeky, and unfair! Good on YOU, for going, and for going alone. Irrespective, hope you learnt a fair bit and enjoyed your first parenting job :) x

  • How exciting to go on your motherhood journey, sorry the trainer ruined it a bit for you. Hope you learnt lots x

  • Yeah I really enjoyed it. Us adoptive mummies miss out on most of the classes so it was nice to include myself and i really want to join some groups when LO comes home!

  • Everyone starts out exactly the same when we have a child in the house no matter how the child comes to us. You have a head start on a lot of mums that carry as your going to the classes. Keep it up, don't let silly women like that put you off. I don't think there is any chance off mistaking a high pitch cry anyway ;-)

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