What age do babies start to crawl?

I'm asking this as I'm looking at presents for my niece.

I've seen a ball that lights up and rolls around and so on. Believed to help / aid crawling!

But I have no idea when she is likely to actually be able to use it.

Thanks :)


  • If varies a lot. O is almost 9 months and isn't crawling yet. I know what ball you mean though and he would still like it.

  • J was 5 months.

    Is that the Vtech one? if so, j had it, and at 26 months, he still plays with it.

  • Thanks, that is really helpful. I think I will get it anyway then! She will be 9months when we give it to her but she loves light up things etc anyway.

  • AbnormalKitty - Thanks! Yes it is Vtech one.

  • L was 6 motnhs

    isaac 10 months

  • Isobelle was 7 months but her cousin crawled at 10 months

  • we have that ball - none of the kids are interested in it to be honest, they prefer ones they can hold (they love the pretend remotes and mobile phones that they have)

    No 1 son crawled at 5m, Girl twin was 7m and boy twin was 6m. think boys tend to be mobile earlier than the girls (from my RL mums consensus anyway!)

  • O crawled at 10 months, he had that ball but wasn't interested in it. I hope L will be interested but she has to master sitting first.

  • G crawled at 8 months, we have that ball and she likes it x

  • We have the ball, present from grandparents for C. Neither have been bothered about it. C never did crawl and S was 9 months.

  • E crawled at 22 weeks, and could do a sort of crawl about 19 weeks - The way she's going i'd expect she'll be walking by 9 months! However, we have the ball and she loves to chase it, and bash it!

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