What are you looking forward to after pregnancy?

Obviously I'm looking forward to the baby being here but...

I'm also looking forward to eating like a normal person. I really fancied fish tonight after not being able to stand it since being 3 and a half weeks pregnant, at 32 weeks I must be safe right? So the OH volunteered to go to the chip shop and buy himself fish and chips so I could pinch a bit. As soon as I smelt it, I started retching and the poor sod had to go and sit in the car to eat it. I still feel ill now Confused.

I can't wait to be able to eat everything I can't face now, I'll probably put 10 stone on after the babies born!




  • The day I got home from hospital my mum had been in and filled my fridge with pate and French baguettes! I ate pate for about 4 days it was amazing! I still don't eat chicken 4 months later due to hating the smell of it when pregnant

  • Your mother sounds like an angel. It sounds like it might take me a while to get back to eating fish though, which is a pain as I bought a groupon offer for a lobster meal thinking I'd be ok by now.

  • I agree, I used to love fish but have really gone off it since being pregnant, particularly prawns which were always my go to starter when eating out. At the moment even the thought makes me shudder so I hope that goes away! The same goes for white wine. I was looking forward to a glass on Christmas Day but it tasted funny so I only managed two sips!

    I'm also looking forward to not being the designated driver anymore, I hate driving so much! And sleeping without waking up aching. And being able to run for the train without feeling like I might keel over. And being able to put boots on without feeling like some kind of contortionist.

    On the other hand I'll miss having an excuse for afternoon naps on a regular basis, and getting out of boring work events that I don't really want to be at!

  • Also, I'm looking forward to having more than 5 outfits on rotation to chose from in the mornings!

  • Wine ;-)

    I did the same with pate eating last time it was amazing. Bll I couldn't eat red meat or even smell it when pregnant with p and it took months before I could again. Mostly I'm looking forward to being able to walk and move without constant pain in my hips.
  • I need to sleep on my tummy

  • Feeling human again. I'm SICK of throwing up.

  • Pate...goats cheese....runny eggs! But most of all bizarrely bring able to diet and get my body back properly...this will likely be my last pregnancy so I can get back in shape without it getting temporarily wrecked again ;-)

  • Wine, not worrying about bleeding, pate, exercise, steak, sex

  • Moonie I was desperate for that too, could never get comfy whilst pregnant as I always slept on my stomach, now I can't sleep on it at all, very odd! Oddly enough I also was excited about the choice if painkillers as I hate paracetamol lol!

  • Another missing tummy sleeping here...we'll, sleeping full stop but not banking on that post baby either ;-)

    Oh, and being able to buy proper clothes, from any shop....not a select few that you can only buy online!

  • Wine! And like Coco said, being able to diet. I don't have a great relationship with food, and tend to either be on a diet, where I'm very healthy with my eating, or not on a diet, where I eat the universe. I can't be on a diet at the moment, so I'm eating the universe. :-(

  • *whispers* I'm still eating runny eggs occasionally. Bad SG.

  • SG ...me too. Oops! (But  only really at home and I make sure they're fresh & lion stamped)

  • Not having upsetting dreams about something happening to Baxter

    WINE :-)

    Bloody steaks

    Our 10 or 15 mile chattery beach walks, with dog, with spontaneous lunch thrown in

    Missionary ;)

    Bread (heartburn and bread do *not* good bedfellows make)

    Wearing jeans

    Runny eggs


    Horse riding

  • Bit of a tangent but I am really looking forward to stopping breastfeeding and being able to wear... WHATEVER I WANT! rather than always needing to think "can I BF in this?" and as I don't like to show any boob, "can I BF discreetly in this?". I can't wait to wear dresses again, I know BFing dresses exist but they tend to show boob, especially as I'm an FF-cup, so I live in the jeans-and-two-tops BFing mum uniform. Once no.2 stops BFing I am chucking ALL my old underwear and treating myself to some new sets.

    Personally it was easier being pregnant than having a newborn, I had quite an easy pregnancy with A but the newborn days were so difficult and upsetting, and sometimes I wish I could scoop him back in there and keep him safe inside.

  • WINE!!!!

    After 2 sober Christmas's I'm really looking forward to a large glass of pinot grigio!! Oh and brie.

  • Mrs V, I've been having paateurised Brie (most in Sainsburys is) just not the wine. Love it on toast (before I had to give up bread for heartburn reasons!).

  • Runny eggs, sleeping on my tummy and a cold beer or cider.

  • cheese - pong cheese order going in when baby arrives! ive not missed drink tbh but do have some champers waiting!

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