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What are your 2 year old girls getting for Christmas?

As above really.

Need inspiration for my just turned 2 year old niece. Have got a few clothes-y bits so looking for a toy/game of some sort.

Thanks in advance!


  • Happyland, jigsaws, books, colouring in/crafty stuff.

  • Dolls pram, scooter, happyland, jigsaw, books, peppa pig bag and purse set

  • Anything Peppa pig! D is getting one of those pretend dogs that she can stroke and it woofs, and a kiddiezoom camera.

  • Clothes, tool set, doll, dolls clothes, wardrobe for dolls clothes, books, voice changer, Barbie-type doll, ITNG little dolls, Littlest Pet shop cats, dolls house - gee whiz I've got her bloomin loads!

  • Thanks all, lots of good ideas here!

  • Bike, helmet, scooter, dolls pram, doll, wooden puzzles, books, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Minnie Mouse Bowtique, Music Footsteps Mat, Cars, Car Mat, Bubble Machine, DVDs, Bath toys, Tent, Playdoh, Thomas the Tank Engine Trains, PJs, Clothes, Minnie Mouse cups/plates/cutlery/bowls/etc, Chocolates, Jewellery, Sunglasses, Sun Hat, Magic Flannel, Hair Clips, Knickers, Crayons, Glitter Pens, Colouring Books...

  • One of the cool things I saw for my LO is a my little pony train set - so it's a little train track with a train that goes round and you put the pony in the train. I am now more excited about this than her main present as I think she's going to love it! I've also bought a tube of 10 different coloured ponies so they can all have a go on the train. It was from amazon, I think around £15

  • Thanks! Gosh WS... lucky E!!! Great ideas all :)

  • It's not all from us, family give us money to buy stuff here as they won't see her on Christmas Day. She will be very spoiled this year- I think we are all making up for the life changing event that awaits her any day now Laugh

  • My 2 year old girl is mostly getting lots of peppa pig stuff as she's obsessed! Also got her a Fisher Price weeing doll and a couple of ELC tiny dolls as she's also obsessed with dolls! Got her ELC sew and lace kit, books, sticker book, hair bands/slides, choc, wooden necklace/bracelet etc

  • Orchard toys red dog blue dog?

  • Happy land dinosaur, she loves dinosaurs, a toddler sleep training clock lol, and lots of general toys.

  • Mine is Disney princess and TinkerBell obsessed so various bits to do with those like puzzles, matching lotto game, dolls, dressing up. We also has a shopping trolley and till to share with her brother and a wooden farm. Toy story toys. She loves dressing up games so anything like shoes and handbags are popular.

  • This is a really old post but Ive taken a few ideas from it. I like the idea of a sleep clock. My son wakes too early on a morning and because the weather is warm Ive been lookings at a few.

    There looks to be some really good ones out there

    The top one I am looking at 

    Does anyone have any other recomendations?

    Ive looked at that gro company one
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