What are your babies wearing?

To bed at the moment? My little one is 2 months now and I have him in a vest, sleepsuit and 2.5 tog sleeping bag. He sleeps well and seems to be warm when I feel his chest (not very warm though) however his hands are freezing when I feed him during the night and in the morning.  Just wondering if he should be wearing more?


  • Z is 3 1/2 months and is wearing the same, sometimes long sleeved vest sometimes short (whatever is clean!), sleepsuit and 2.5 tog bag and her hands are always freezing in the morning.  She sleeps through and it doesnt seem to bother her.  I did consider scratch mitts, but she sucks her fingers to self settle so didnt want her to wake in the night and not be able to settle herself!  I wouldnt worry, but if you are try some mitts, or socks as my H once used, was very confused to find her in the morning with socks on her hands!

  • What about sleep suits with the turn over mitts?

  • Have tried that on his sleepsuits that still fit with turn over mitts which keeps them a but warmer however he is outgrowing 0-3 quickly and not many of his 3-6 month sleepsuits have mitts on and like Porkchop's lo he often will use his hands to settle himself. I think perhaps I should invest in some long sleeved vests.

  • Sainsbury sleepsuits have turn over mitts if you do what to go down that route.  Im off to get some 3-6 month ones myself this week, mainly because they are good value!  I have a little dot of a child that can still wear her 0-3 stuff!

  • Alex is a super toasty baby, he is only in sleepsuit and mitts and one blanket folded in half at the moment and doesn't feel cold at all. We had him in a vest too initially but he was too warm! He must take after his dad as I'm flipping freezing.

  • S is in a long sleeved vest, sleep suit and a thick ish blanket. He seems toasty enough but his hands are always cold, he doesn't seem fussed.

  • Sleepsuit and 2.5 tog grobag.  No vest here.  Our room is about 16 degrees most of the time.

  • Vest, sleep suit and 2.5 tog grobag. Not sure if he feels the cold but I'm freezing!

  • My O isn't a baby now but I'd like to say don't worry too much about cold hands...it's perfectly normal as the extremities always feel colder...as long as neck/chest are warm all is fine. (at 19 months he's in pjs, l/s vest and a 2.5tog grobag)

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