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What can you take for a cold? Tubes, olbas, Vicks?

I'm full of cold and wondering what I can take to clear my tubes.

can you suck tunes or any other kind of throat sweet? And can you put Vicks on your nose / chest or olbas nasal inhalers?

any suggestions appreciated!

tia c


  • I was told that I could sniff Olbas and Vicks but couldn't apply it to the skin. Steaming over a bowl with Vicks in was certainly OK. I believe that you can only have the throat sweets that don't have decongestants in them but I didn't bother taking any.

    To be honest I'm not sure how much risk in involved with any of these options and I'm sure there are plenty of people that haven't even realised that these are the sorts of things that they advise against.

    I'd start with some paracetamol and a vicks steam and see how you feel

  • Thanks BB 0 sounds like there is not much that can help unbung me!

  • I was told pretty much nothing! To try to steam four times a day, have warm baths. The chemist said I couldn't use my nose spray as it lowers blood pressure!! I thought it got rid of snot

  • I think the nasal sprays help by widening your air ways which makes it seem like they are clearing as you can breath more easily. However, I think they work by constricting blood vessels or something so they probably could affect blood pressure.....?

    Get steaming!

  • The pharmacist told me only paracetamol and steam! However steam could be really good for unblocking you, it always helps me, good luck.

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