What did you do for your baby's first birthday?

I am not sure how time has spun by so fast, but E is now 10 months old and I am starting to think about her 1st birthday.

I am planning on a small gathering of friends and family at our house with a cake (always need cake!), but was wondering what everyone else did/is planning for your little one's first birthday.

Also - what gifts do you recommend???


Al x


  • P's first birthday was a Thursday. H took the day off and we went to the zoo and had a birthday tea just us. On the Saturday we had a family party for her. We got her the happyland zoo as her present but another top present was her trike which has been brilliant
  • We're the same Alocin! We've no idea where the time went!  W will be 1 in May.  His birthday will be a Thursday, so we'll do something with him just the 3 of us and then we're having a party on the Saturday.  So far we've hired a hall and are going to decorate it and have a gathering of Family and Friends to celebrate W turning 1 and us surviving our first year as parents!

  • Hs birthday was a Friday so we took him for a birthday photo shoot then went to a farm shop for lunch and then home for a play and cake. Then we had a family and friends party at home on the Saturday. With another cake and he loved it.

    He was overwhelmed with the amount of presets he got though and was bored of opening so I wouldn't buy much as other people will (although it's hard to resist!). Hits here were books with flaps, trike and some vtech cars.  We also got him a train set but he prefers breaking it at the mo!

    How is your lo one already though!

  • I will be working on her birthday (Thursday), but don't work Fridays, so will have a day together and might go to the local farm. We are visiting my family the weekend before and celebrating then, we are then having a small gathering at our house the Sunday after her birthday ... so it looks like we will be stretching the celebration out a bit!!  

    I hadn't even thought about trikes - can't get my head around the fact that she is growing up!! - will have a look!

  • My H took the day off on I's actual birthday and we went to an aquarium. It was a lovely day. Then the following Sunday we had a family and close friends tea party with a little buffet and cake!

    Favourite presents were


    Wheelie bug trike

    Ride on Minnie Mouse car

    Ball pool

    Pram and dolly

    Water/sand table.
  • We had a little gathering of friends and family at home. I put on some food as well as the cake.

    F's favourite presents included a little wooden train with building type blocks, bath toys and books.

  • We went to the safari park on his actual Birthday, then had a garden party the Saturday after. We had a BBQ, and I made his cake.

    Present wise, we bought him a smart trike, a slide, and little bits like books, megablocks

  • I can't believe they are nearly 1 Alocin! We are having a bbq for family (with cake of course) on one day, and going to the zoo, just us three the next. It's on a Saturday so falls quite well. It's also two days after my birthday - have a feeling I might be a bit over shadowed ;)

    I also need present inspiration. Can't believe they are nearly old enough for trikes!!

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