What did you find useful with a second baby that you didn't use first time?

As CK has said, it does seem to be pretty quiet on here at the moment, so just trying to think of things to get the board moving really but thought this might give me some handy tips- 

So for those with two , what have you thought useful for making your life easier that you didn't need or use with only one. Either actual items like a sling etc , or just general tips on how to juggle day to day life with a toddler and newborn. 


  • Good question! I've bought a connecta sling this time as I didn't really get on with the moby and think I might need to rely on it. I've bought a double buggy and will be getting a buggy board today.

    Will be watching this thread with interest...

  • A cleaner, that's a good answer!

    A tablet/iPad for the toddler is essential for when trapped under a sleeping/feeding baby IMO

  • A sling and DVDs/kids channels for the older one.

  • My lovely Connecta! Its a godsend!! P sleeps in it so i can play/help G or do dinner!!

  • I have to admit I have been eyeing up a couple of people using slings at toddler groups lately. I had a baby bjorn carrier last time but mainly as H wanted it, I much preferred to use re pram but I am seeing the benefits for when you also have a toddler.

    Margot- I've already got h to download a load of Disney movies for rainy day days!

  • Def my sling and carrier, especially now S is on the move and I need to do something and keep tabs on her! The buggy board has also been useful and between the 2 it's saved me buying a double pushchair. X

  • Buggyboard :-) umm girls clothes lol

  • Buggy board

    Travel cot in the lounge to put baby in so toddler didn't stamp on him while I was in the toilet

  • Double pram, tv. I always made "packed lunches" the night before. I meant I got something to eat each day and I could pull out A's as soon as she needed it.

  • I have a 4.5 yr age gap so maybe different compared to those with younger children.   I loved the pram I had last time, but I walked everywhere with Zoe, this time we are in and out of the car every day and it was just getting to be too much of a faff as it was heavy and had to be taken apart to go in the boot (different car this time aruond, which I hadn't thought about) so I have ended up buying a Bugaboo Bee.  I also didn't have a base for the carseat with Zoe and just strapped it in each time, now with 2 children to get in the car I have just bought a base to try and save some time in the morning.

    I did use the sling quite a lot last time but I am using it even more this time.  Am loving my snuggly Kari Me stretchy wrap.  

    Erm, now this one is a bit embarassing, but a nanny.  H works away so i am on my own from Mon - late Thurs night and I just wasn't coping with no sleep at night and then Zoe being up at 6.30am.  So now the lovely nanny comes from 7 - 11am and basically gets Zoe's breakfast and plays with her.  It is an absolute lifesaver but obviously hugely extravagant.

    One top tip if you have older children that I have found worked well is that I have put Orla's clothes in a drawer that Zoe can reach, and also nappies are at Zoe height, so she can easily help me by choosing Orla's clothes and getting nappies ready etc.  She loves it.  

  • JB, I fully intend to utilise Jude and get him helping me! I'm sure I'll use the sling just as much this time. Can't imagine what else but we have a 4.5y gap so hardly a rampaging toddler and baby to contend with.

    Like the idea of packed lunches for school holidays etc.

  • I used a play gym and bouncy chairs for the twins and didn't really see the point of them with my eldest. I guess the difference was I had to put the twins down so having the chair/ gym meant I had a place to plonk them. Also, once they started to sit I used one of those rubber ring nests so I could pop one of them in there and know that even if they wiped out that they wouldn't hurt themselves.

  • Definitely my Close sling. Also the jumperoo to keep small one amused, and a bag of 'special' books for the big one to read while I was feeding.

    JB - why on earth are you embarrassed about having a nanny? Most people have someone to help them out - hell, even single mothers sometimes have family around to help. I have no idea how I would have coped on my own as you are during the week - it sounds like you are simply getting the help you need to be a better mum to both your girls (and if it makes you feel any better, I know a mum who has one toddler and a husband who works from home - she is a SAHM and still has a 'mother's help' three days a week...)

  • JB - I couldn't agree more with Rusty. Lots of people have their mum or other family closer by to help out, or, like me, keep the older child in nursery. Absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about!

  • Lots of good ideas, seems a sling is very popular.

    JB- I don't think it's anything to be embarrassed about. If we had the money I would love that as it means both your children get quality time and attention.

  • Getting out the house each day, and I found H working away/not being there more useful.

    When I had C, there were 5 other adults in the house, to "help". They would take C out, and there were some days I never left the house.

    I found it easier when I had J, as it was just me and C, as H didn't live with us then. Was easier to establish routines, and to go out.

    I have a 7.5 yr gap between mine, so having a second baby didn't require TV to keep the older child entertained, or anything like that. So I guess a big age gap is useful, haha.

  • Im intrigued in a baby carrier/sling, but i have no idea what is the best kind to get!

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