What did you get your babies for their 1st birthday?

I know it's a while off yet but I'm wondering what to get H for his first Christmas and birthday (jan birthday). i don't want to over spend but also want to get things that will do up to two as I don't want up have to buy lots during the year for no occasion if I can get it in advsncr.

we have no children in the family so in stuck for ideas!


  • A Wheelybug! She still doesn't really 'get' it. But likes to push it around the house! We also bought a Fisher Price case to protect my iPad when she plays with it.

  • We got N a smart trike. Not a top spec one but a middle of the road one which cost about £60. He loves it and we use it a lot.  Definitely one of our best buys yet.

  • We got E a Mamas and Papas rocking horse and I a smart trike.

  • I've quite a list now of bits for Ella.  Main things are ride on and my first pram.  I'm also considering a trampoline.  I'll post the list tomorrow.

  • We got a smart trike for O. Haven't used it as much as we thought we would though.

  • A trike for Christmas and then a baby trampoline for his January birthday :o)

  • we bought Liam a smart trike which has had plenty of use, he also got a scuttlebug and a wooden walker with wooden bricks in it.

  • We had this as Isobelle's birthday is 2nd Feb. For Christmas we bought her the musical steps but she has used them more now that she can count & recognise numbers to 10. We bought her 1st pair of shoes on her 1st birthday. Other things we bought were the bounce & spin zebra which she's used constantly (& is easier now that she's tall enough for it!), a buggy & doll, a shape sorter, a walking dog, some classic books - hungry caterpillar, dear zoo, tomy sorting eggs, my mum bought her her 1st set of bowls, plates & cutlery.

  • This is Es list (Ignore the names)

    Fridge magnets – letters and numbers

    Foam letters for the bath

    Bath crayons

    Books – lots of!

    Fluffy fish hair grips

    Bubble machine

    Shape sorter

    “I am 1” top

    Xmas PJs

    Ride on toy

    Musical footprints

    Rocking catepillar

    Hand puppets x2

    My first doll and pram

    My first cook books

    Play keys

    Wooden peg jigsaw

    DVDs -Rugrats / Thomas/others

    Push along hoover - Tara

    Swimming bag – Hannah

    Apron - Hannah

    1-2 Coat – Dad

    Bath toys - Dad

    Some splash about wellies - my dad

    M&P rocking caterpillar – my dad

    Trike – Mom

    Elefun - Mom

    Hot pink quad bike - caroline

    Book thing with built in CD type player - caroline

    Snowsuit - caroline

    Dress x2 - caroline

    Please/thank you tea service set - Nat

    Clothes – Caroline / Natalie / Lisa

  • We were just going to put cash into E's ISA and take him for his first shoes as he'd started walking a few weeks before and we knew he was getting loads of toys etc. from family but then H (who's a cycling photographer) was shown an early rider balance bike by a client and "had to" get it! And they say women are the impulse buyers Laugh It is pretty cool though and he loves spinning the wheels with it upside down so he will be into it when he's big enough to get on it!

  • Thanks everyone there are done great things here and it's good to have an idea of things to tell other people if they ask.

    LM - that's a fab list I'm going to steal the idea so I can get organised and see if I can get any bargains!

  • Zoe is also a Jan birthday and we've always not really bought her a birthday present from us a the time and get her something in the summer that is more of an outdoor toy.  Her first birthday present was a smart trike.  

  • We've just bought a trike. A mothercare one but they have 20% off toys so it wasn't too bad. Going to look at the zebra now as well I think!

  • O got an activity table for his first birthday and L will get an activity walker for her first birthday.

  • We bought a rocking horse from Mamas and papas. She was a December baby so we knew she'd be getting loads from other people and then loads of stuff at Xmas a couple of weeks later, so we literally bought her the rocking horse for her bedroom and that was it. We've bought her toys throughout the year though as she out grew all the stuff she got for her birthday/Xmas and needed 18m+ stuff in the summer without waiting until December for more toys

  • F had a wheely bug, T had a bounce n spin zebra and R had the Toot Toot garage.  All have been great hits, R absolutely loves the wheely bug.

  • Here are some interesting things:


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