What did you give birth in?

I've still not bought anything to actually give birth in. I had a black night for A but with L it all happened so fast that I was still wearing the clothes I'd arrived in. 

My mum keeps on at me to buy a nightie but I'm not sure if there is much point? 


  • A vest top, never got round to putting my nightie on, and I was induced! I wouldn't bother if I was you, have you got an old t-shirt or something you could take?

    You can't have long to go now?

  • My birthday suit! I was in the pool

  • Cheap black primark nightie. I went for a dark colour as I thought it would be more 'forgiving' of stains etc but I got so sweaty that I had loads of black fluff stuck to me which then got stuck to S's face. Wish I'd done it in the nuddy now really, it was all rolled up above my boobs so not much point wearing it really.

  • I had a nightie with A and J but didn't have time to get changed with S so just had the top on I went in wearing

  • The vest top I went in wesring. I had a primark nightie which was brilliant for afterwards but wouldnt bother with anything for labour

  • A nighty.

    I changed into it at the hospital, after my bath.

    I still have it, and when I wear it, I get flashbacks to giving birth, as does my H

  • The maxi dress I arrived at hospital in - I didn't have time to change!

  • A soft crop top bra thing from mothercare which I wear in bed now

  • I had bought a nightie but hadnt got bags from car so tshirt it was

  • I love it CK, our bags were still in the car too.....H was gutted he left his camera in there! (But I was mildly relieved I had a chance to bath before the photo session commenced ;-)

  • A hospital gown, for all 3 deliveries

  • I bought a nightie from Primark with buttons down the front however i ended up in the tshirt and socks i threw on to go in at 4am!

    (i wore jeans to get to hospital too BTW!)
  • I brought a black cheap primark nightie but didnt wear it, ended up having a section in my pyjamas!

  • The vest top I arrived in with both labours. Just whipped my trousers and underwear off!! Changed into the pyjamas I'd bought in with me after I'd had a nice bath.
  • Thanks all. I didn't have time to get my bags from the car with L either. I was wearing jeans and one of ex H's tshirts. It's just hard to plan for I guess. I've got 4 vest tops and 2 pairs dark pj trousers in case I need to stay overnight. So could probably stick them on if needed.

  • A cheap dressing gown I got in the tesco sale!i had bought a nightie too but I am not sure why I didn't wear that and just wore the dressing gown :-s I blame my H for being in charge of my bag of stuff once we arrived in hospital! :-)

  • Nothing! I couldn't have cared less.

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