What did your LOs get for their first birthday?

After some inspiration! Which big and small gifts have been a hit / worthwhile with your 1yos?

So far we've got him some Julia Donaldson books, the fisher price phone, and two push along toys, and will probably get some more books - any recs very welcome. I'd also like to get him a little paddling pool and maybe one of those tiny trike things but I don't know what they're called! Grandparents are desperate to get shopping as they go away soon until near his birthday, so have asked for a list of ideas.

Please share your insider knowledge, thanks :)


  • We got a tricycle for her, which she could be pushed around on.

    If you don't have already, stacking cups have been a big hit here and are still played with even though she's nearly 7. And she got one of those push along walker things with the bricks in. Wooden jigsaw puzzles (the ones where you put the shape in the hole).

    Books - look at Jez Alborough's Duck in the Truck ones. They were a real hit here. Also Hairy McLairy, Each Peach, Pear, Plum,

    Quentin Blake's 'Cockatoos' and 'Mister Magnolia', any Wibbly Pigs ones by Mick Inkpen.

  • The tomy squeak eggs, ball pool, bounce & ride zebra, doll & pushchair, that's not my books, sorting shape bus

  • Zoe's main presents were a smart trike and the v-tech alphabet train.  Both were huge hits.

  • Smart trike, and a slide. He also loved his pop up ball pit, that was a Christmas pressie when he was 6 months old.

  • We didn't get him very much as I buy toys throughout the year and his birthday is right after Christmas.

    The in-laws bought him a toybox which has been really useful!

    He enjoys the hide'n'squeak Tomy eggs, and he loves 'touchy-feely' books e.g. the That's not my... series. He touches other books now to see if he can feel anything!

  • L really likes his vtecb ride along train...unsure if your little one walking yet but its great ride on...push along ...blocks you can put down chimney and learning button bit. He loved it best 30 odd pound we spent x
  • Thanks so much for these ideas, some fabulous stuff in here and I am feeling very inspired now! Have had a quick nose at things but am bookmarking for over the weekend and then I can get shopping. And not go overboard at all ;)

  • For our lb's first birthday we bought him, the garage from the toot toot drivers range, he also got a Thomas the tank engine toy box, a baby walker, clothes, shoes, books, stacking blocks/cups, peg jigsaws, smart trike and other bits and bats like bath toys and books, money for his bank account and vouchers for him to spend.

  • Smart trike, slide, swing, cozy coupe, sand\water table, paddling pool\ball pit thing, megabloks, big floor jigsaw, toy guitar. Weirdly I can't remember what we got him so it must have been rubbish!

    Can't believe that's almost a year gone! X
  • Smart trike, pop up ball pool, a rocking catterpillar, some mega blocks, books and jigsaws to name but a few. All went down really well! x

  • I've got S a vintagey sit on fire engine which I bought reduced before Christmas and a load of wow toys on offer in amazon. They're meant to be 18m+ but his brother has some and they're fine.

    He also has one of those little wooden ramp things and I'll probably get books too.
  • Posting so I can find this again later, although there s a good chance we are just going to stick a bow on A's wheelybug and put money in a bank account instead.  I think I may also get her a little pram and dolly and I;m going to tell my parents to get her a mini trampoline

  • F had a wheely bug, T had a bounce n spin Zebra and R had a micro scooter with the seat and O bar handle.

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