What do I do?

Sorry for the briefness, E is currently in her cot screaming and refusing to nap, I've had to come downstairs do change A as she'd pooed but I now need to feed her. But E needs to nap and won't unless I sit and rub her back and even then its a fight. Any ideas other than cloning myself?


  • They're both crying, so am i

  • can you feed A in the bedroom and rub E to sleep at the same time ?

  • Thanks Monnie but I've started weaning so its food she's due.

    I ended up running up and down stairs between the two to try and pacify them both. E fell asleep after a bit of a cry on one of my runs downstairs. Feel like crap now, I would never do cry it out - its just not for me - but I feel like that's what I've had to do. I feel like the last thing E was feeling before she went to sleep was abandoned :-(

  • aww hun please dont think that, your doing a fabulous job :-) xxx

  • and when she wakes up, the first thing she will remember is mummy cuddles :) ytou did what you had to do :) x

  • MamaD, you know you are doing the best you can.  You can't split yourself in two, please don't be so hard on yourself.  E will have forgotten by the time she wakes.

    Do you think it's worth having a chat with your HV about how you have been feeling recently?  I hope you don't think I'm speaking out of turn x

  • Mama D you have just done what you needed to, please do not be so hard on yourself.  I am not a stickler for routine so I think I would have fed the baby milk in the bedroom if I was you, you cannot split yourself in two!! either that or would you let E nap outside of her bed?

  • Thanks all for replies.  NinaBeanie, she was already about an hour late for her nap as we'd had friends round so I thought she'd be tired. I would have let her sleep on the sofa but she wouldn't have gone to sleep as too many distractions. I couldn't take A in with me either as I was feeding purée and didn't fancy my chances In the dark on carpet!

    When she woke up she was so cuddly and wouldn't be put down for about an hour - I felt even more guilty!

    Weekender, no you're not out of turn. My HV's are pretty useless - I had quite bad PND with E for which they referred me for counceling - I'm still waiting for it now! Every clinic they'd ask "have you heard anything yet" I'd say no and they'd say they'd chase it up but it never came to anything.

  • Do you feel similar this time? Do you think it would be worth a chat with your GP if your HV isn't any use?

  • No, I feel more stressed and anxious whereas before I literally hate myself and wanted to curl up and die. A was my lifesaver - being pregnant with her was got me through it. But no way am I getting pregnant again! No more, I'm done!!!

  • I think anxiety is something you could chat to them about too, especially if the pnd wasn't properly dealt with last time.

    Hugs, and keep posting on here x

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