What do you do each day?

I'm starting to get a little bored with what to do each day. We don't have many friends in the area who are home in the day and live about 30 mins in car from a town. 

We go swimming on a Tuesday and tried rhyme time but don't go regularly.  There is a baby group on a Friday we could also try.

how do you structure your day? Do you go out evetyday?  Do you do things mainly on your own?


  • We don't have a routine. N will be back at preschool next week so I may start a class with Miss I who is 4 months but we just see what we feel like doing each day.

    This works for us but I know others like having an activity each day.

    She swims on a Saturday  so I may look for a Tuesday music class maybe.

  • Also we do catch up with NCT friends each week at someone's house but that's become sporadic as people are holidaying over the summer.

    Have you got any local music classes or playgroups you can try?

  • We don't have a routine either but I make sure to go out every day even if its for a walk on my own with E or a potter around town. In Septemer we are starting baby massge and swimming so that should give us some structure. I do make sure that we are up and dressed by 9.30 which works for me in getting me motivated to go out.

    Fortunately a lot of my friends are also on maternity leave so we meet up with the babies. I also see my NCT friends once a week and spend a day with my mum and sister.

    I find that getting out helps both E and I from going stir crazy. I would definitely try try the baby group on Friday as you may meet some nice mums to make regular arrangements with.

  • We do things most days.  Otherwise when my H is away I find the days really long.  On Tuesdays we have Bumps and Babies in the morning, on Wednesdays we go swimming, on Thursdays we have baby club and fridays we have Waterbabies.

    We usually have something on on Mondays too, although it's not a class.  If I have a free day I usually go to Tesco (it's rock and roll round here!!) just so I'm out of the house.  Although when the weather is nice I try to get out in the garden for a few hours, with A either playing in his UV tent or napping in his pram.

  • We try and do something most days. I don't drive so the 'something' might just be a trip to the shops, but that takes up to a couple of hours counting getting down there and walking around etc. I try and decide the day before what we're doing.

    Usually we wake up, everyone gets ready. A will have a little play. Then he'll go down for his first nap, while I tidy up/sit down with some tea. Then he'll wake up and either we'll go out for a class, or potter indoors. Then nap 2. Then we'll go out in the afternoon to the shops, or just for a wander, or to 1oclock club. Then back home, maybe nap 3 depending on when and how long the first naps were. Then I'll make dinner, H gets home, we eat dinner, then bath and bed for A.

  • We go to a playgroup Tuesday mornings during term time. During the holidays when the group isn't on, we meet up with a couple of other mums and toddlers at the park or each others homes. On a Wednesday, we go swimming and meet friends from our class for lunch beforehand. I tend to play the rest of the week by ear really - if we fancy chilling out at home/in the garden we do or I just potter about doing housework whilst F naps or plays. I tried going to a group or class every day but it was too much.

    I'd definitely suggest giving your local baby group a go. It took us a while to find the right groups for us, a bit trial and error. You might be able to meet some local mums to meet up with.

  • So far I've been out every day either meeting up with a friend, seeing my sister or gran or going to a group. Im lucky in that I have quite a few friends either on maternity leave or working shorter hours as they have children. I would go mad if in all day!

  • When mine were small

    Monday - boob group (bfing support group but was like a coffee morning) then baby massage in same place

    Tuesday - housework day and when they were 2-3 they went to Playgroup 9-11.30

    Wednesday - music class in library

    Thursday swimming

    Friday - toddlers

    Saturday - normally with my parents

    Sunday - family day

  • Monday- toddler group

    Tuesday- a different toddler group

    Wednesday - W is at nursery so I stay in and get housework etc done

    Thursday- dance tots

    Friday- library bounce and rhyme.

    I am quite relaxed in the morning with what time we get dressed etc, but like to have somewhere to go every day.

    The summer holidays have been sooooo long as all but one group has stopped for school holidays so I can't wait for them all to restart. I don't have use of the car mid week so have to walk everywhere and its very hilly, so now my bump is huge I'm going to struggling getting out to the various groups but have to do it for my own sanity as well as to give W some variety.

    During the school holidays I've still tried to go out every day. Either to the library, the shops, the park etc. I get really fed up if I just stay at hone every day so I know it can't be nice for W either.

  • Monday - Nursery am Gymnastics pm

    Tuesday - Nursery&Playgroup am Library pm

    Wed - Nursery am Speech Therapy pm

    Thursday - Nursery&Playgroup am

    Friday - Nursery&Toddlers am.

    Sat morns we have ballet & swimming.

    We do something on the blank afternoons but it depends

  • On the weather and if friends are about. Obv some things like speech therapy arent all the time.and the library can be any day but just a rough guide.

  • When A was 6/7 months our weekly activities were

    Monday - meet up with NCT

    Tuesday - Jo jingles

    Wednesday - post natal group meet up at baby group at soft play

    Thursday - meet up with other friends/babies

    Friday - baby sensory

    Saturday - Waterbabies

    As we met various people through these groups we'd then gonout for lunch or fit in play dates through out the week too. Some of my best friends now are ones who I met in the first 6 months.

  • To add, a lot of stuff does stop for the summer holidays, you'll find a lot of stuff starts up again next month.

  • We don't have any sort if fixed routine really as my H works shifts so if he's off we might do something different but a typical week:

    Monday - nursery am, dancing pm. If my H is home then I'll take S to the local breastfeeding support group

    Tues - nursery am, dancing pm

    Wed - nursery am, swimming lessons pm

    Thurs - nursery am, J has a little toddler gym class pm

    Fri - nursery am, nothing pm

    We normally go the park most days after nursery for a quick play and my H will take J swimming on one of his days off normally.  I'm going to start taking S to baby massage soon when I can manage it

  • I try and do things most days even if its just a walk into town for a potter about.  We go to group on a Mother and Baby group on a Thursday and we regularly meet up with friends that have children the same age as my little boy and I also take him to visit family who live about a 30 minute drive away.

  • Thanks everyone, seems like some structure is important. I've contacted Jo jingles for some class times and registers interest at another baby group so hopefully this will give me some more direction!

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