What do you store all your bath toys in?

We are putting our house up for sale, got someone coming to take photos on Thursday, and I'm trying to declutter as much as possible. 

we've renovated our house top to bottom so everything is brand new looking. It's obviously a family home but we're trying to avoid having kids stuff all over so it looks as tidy as possible.   I've got the attic set up as a play room so that there is nothing in the living room. Im stuck on what to do about the bathroom. W got quite a lot of bath toys at Christmas and at the moment they're just piled up in the corner near the sink , but I need something to put them all in so it looks tidy for viewings. I know the most practical thing are those big mesh bag things that have suckers to stick to the bath or tiles, but I need something that looks nicer. I don't have much space in the bathroom and am conscious if I get a wood box or something it's just going to get water in the bottom from the toys and end up a bit minging. 

any  suggestions? 


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