what does your LO wear in sling?

It's started getting pretty cold up here now and I'm never sure what to dress S in when he's in the sling.  Going out later for his jags and was planning vest,  sleepsuit, huggalugs on his legs,  cardi and hat.


  • E is mostly in outfits now she's older but sat for swimming where I know we'll sling and she could feel the cold,  I'll put a LS vest and velvet/fleece baby grow with a thick cardy, hat and gloves plus my coat round her.  It's only a minute walk but I know she'll feel it.

    Day to Day she's normally in long sleeve vest and either tights or leggings,  with shoes and a tunic dress/top plus a cardy or a thin coat.  Socks if no tights. Obviously with hat and mittens (If she'll let me put them on).

    If I wweren't expecting to need to sling and have dressed for the pram I've been known to chuck the morrck over her. 

  • That's pretty much what N has been wearing in the sling - yesterday she had a l/s vest, dress and tights, with hooded thick cardigan and babylegs. I have a velour suit which I will use when it gets colder.

  • Might stick a long sleeve vest on him today,  and maybe socks under the sleepsuit too. Not out my bed yet but lots of fb moans about having to scrape cars this morning so presuming it's colder than usual :-)

  • If you're walking I'd go for a at least a coat today, possibly a snow suit over vest and babygrow. It really is cold today x

  • I think he'd be roasting in a snow suit would he not?  

  • I guess it isn't as cold here, Zoe just has a babygrow and a hat !  

  • It's just started getting colder up here in the last few days JB. (You getting your children mixed up ;-) lol )

  • Oops yes.  Zoe would have looked a bit going in to school in a babygrow and hat :lol:

    I have a thinish snowsuit (the jojo fleece lined waterproof one) then I bought with the plan of using it as it got colder but she seems rather awkward it so might have to practice at home with that one.

  • Well we're sat in McDonald's and we went with sleepsuit, huggalugs and a thin jacket.  Seems cosy enough!

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