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I have got my BFP this morning . When you go to the GP what do they do?! Will they take a blood test? We are going on holiday on Sunday and I  am worried they will do a test and I won’t be able to get the results until we are back. I honestly didn’t think we would get a positive this quick! Any insight/advice would be great



  • No they won't test, they will refer you to the mw. Can u call the gp and ask if their surgery allow direct mw referral and if so book in if not book an appointment to see the gp

  • Congratulations btw

  • Congrats!!!!

    In my area the GP didn't want to see me. No one wanted to test anything. I filled in a form at the front desk and 2 days later a midwife called me.

  • My GP surgery allows direct referral to the midwifes so call your surgery and see how it's done in your area congrats :)

  • Thanks! I have phoned GP they said come and pick up a midwife referral pack, they won’t do any tests. Thanks for the replies

  • as everyone else says - call your surgery and ask for a booking in apt with the mw. this isn't booked until you are 8-10 weeks usually. in my area (Gloucestershire) you don't need to see the gp. the tests we buy the shops are as accurate as any the docs have so most don't see the point of seeing you.


  • hey congrats! no when i saw the GP they didnt even get me to POAS, just refffered me to hospital

  • Congratulations!

    Looks like you have got it sorted now but I calle dup the GP surgery and they told me to go in and pick up a pack too. When I was there they booked me in to see the midwife at week 8 of my pregnancy so I had a few weeks to wait. She took a blood test at that appointment.

  • Congratulations.

  • congratulations x

  • thanks. they said the mf will book you in at 12 weeks, does that sound a bit late?!

  • does sound late as you should be having your scan at 12 weeks......

  • Does sound a bit late to have a booking in appointment but some areas don't offer a 12 week scan, well they didn't when I had B, and also that scan can be anything up to 14 weeks so maybe they get you in quickly.

    I didn't have to see a GP and if you do then they do just have a chat and refer you to a mw.

  • Congratulations! A 12 week booking appointment does sound late as the dating scan (especially for the nuchal screening) should take place between 12-14 weeks.

  • may be i heard her wrong then, i hope it will be sooner

  • congratulations. enjoy your holiday

  • Congratulations!

    I had my booking in at 6 weeks (midwife was on hols for the 2 weeks affter so wanted to get it in) and have my 12 weeks scan on Thursday at 12 +3 (eeek) but haven't been tested at any point (unless they do it as standard with blood tests)

    Enjoy your hols, should be good to get it in before symptoms kick in and come join us on the tri threads when you're back!

  • Congratulations x

  • Congratulations!

  • thanks! fingers crossed it all goes well.

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