What pram do you have?

know this has been done a million times before! but what pram do you have?



  • I had a Graco Mirage travel system, but didn't like the car seat once our little one arrived.  I now have a Maxi Cosi Mura 3 and although it's big, bulky and takes up my entire boot space....I love it!!

  • We have the jane trider buggy and strata car seat as a travel system. And Britax 1st class car seat for when baby gets too big for baby car seat.

  • We've got the uppa baby vista

  • I have the Stokke Xplory which I love and attracts a lot of attention when out and about!

  • I have a silver cross surf, and now also a phil and teds explorer ready for baby number two

  • Don't have it yet but I'm planning on getting a bugaboo bee, love how easy it is to push and parent facing is a must for me.

  • WE have a concord neo with the proton carrycot (think it is called sleeper now though).  I loved it with Zoe but it isn't working so well with Orla, mainly because we are in and out of the car all the time now and it is a pain to fit in the boot.  i had a bigger car before and it was much easier then.   I am going to be getting a Bugaboo Bee at some point, had planned to get it for when Orla went into the pushchair part as love the pram aspect but might get it earlier.

  • We have a baby jogger city mini which I love and a Britax B Dual as our double which I like more than I thought I would. It's bulky when folded but so easy to push

  • I had a Quinny Buzz for babies #1 and #2 but got fed up with flat tyres so sold it and have a Britax B-Smart for this baby.

  • Icandy peach - just about to convert it to a double for when no. 2 arrives.

  • Isis - i really love the Bee, im only tiny so it seems good for me

    also love the icandy too! so many good prams out there!

  • Nlh I'm only 5ft so yes the size suits me and my 4yo fit in it fine the other day! I also have a narrow hallway so want something I'll easily fit through the door.

  • We had the Babystyle Oyster.

  • Uppababy vista and cabriofix car seat

  • We've got an icandy cherry. It's pretty compact, really light and has a big basket (all musts for me as I don't drive). The maxi cosi cabriofix can clip on too (although I think we have only done that once!)

  • I am so not into prams. I must be weird. I used a petite zia from 7wks last time, and this time I will too, although I have a Jane powertwin to use for both (mostly in winter when my son wont walk in snow/rain/cold). I hope to use my carriers more than anything else. I've missed carrying my boy since I fell PG

  • A Bugaboo Bee, I love it! It's lightweight, practical, folds easily, has a good size basket, height adjustable handles and extends as they grow. Parent and rear faces.

  • We had a bugaboo chameleon from birth and have just got a bee too, G is 9 months now. Like them both, but neither perfect. Can is great but bulky, bee is compact but useless on rough ground. Just my opinion but I wouldn't use a bee for a newborn, I like a carrycot. For the money and the practical functionality I would say the uppababy vista is the best buy x

  • Loola Up which i used for G too and really like it. Parent facing also a must for me but turns round for when they are older.

  • We've got a Stokke Xplory which I love, it really suits us and our lifestyle. Bought it secondhand in excellent condition.

    Tried a Maclaren Quest buggy recently and HATED it, it was awful compared to my pram. But that said it was secondhand and not in very good nick.

    I carry A quite a lot on a Beco Gemini carrier too, especially on shorter trips or on public transport. I take my pram shopping or on long walks.

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