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What should baby wear when in a Connecta or other carrier?

F never did take to the Connecta but I'm hoping to use it from day one with this baby. Only thing is, I haven't a clue what baby should wear when in one of those things, especially in Autumn/Winter. What does/did your baby wear?


  • N is usually in top and trousers with a hoody and baby legs if it's cold. I occasionally used a light pram suit if it was really cold but foundit easier to put my coat round her rather than layer her up more.

  • Thanks Margot. I was thinking of starting off with vest, sleepsuit, thick cardigan and then adding leg warmers and maybe a thin-ish pram suit when it turns colder.

  • I put Isobelle in a star suit which is thinish fleece material (covering hands & feet) which worked for us. I wouldn't use a pram suit. Just a few layers like vest, t-shirt & jumper. They (& you!) get quite cosy!! & 1 tip, put your coat on after putting the Connecta on as it gets hot & you can't take it off so easily if it's under the sling! (Learnt that the hard way!!)

  • I've got a really thick question - what is a pram suit? Is it just like a thicker sleepsuit thing? We bought what looks like a fluffy snowsuit to me to use in winter in the sling and pram and things, is that the same?

  • I always assumed a snowsuit & pramsuit were the same thing! I wouldn't use 1 in the sling as it gets too hot (well that was/is our experience)

  • I used to dress S as normal, but with a thinner jacket or puddle suit on. I had a coat in a bigger size that i used to zip up over her legs when she was on my front. I'd say that a padded pram suit would make wearing difficult as the padding will make baby too hot and it'll be hard to get correct positioning if straps over the padding. We did have a thinner, fleecy one we did use on very cold days.

  • What BK said re pram suit/snowsuit. I guess some might be a bit too thick for the carriers. If the Connecta works out I might get a starsuit later on then, hadn't thought about one of those!

  • Thanks ladies! I shall bear that in mind. I don't have a winter coat that zips but that sounds like an idea too. Now I just need to figure out what a starsuit is haha.

  • Robins Star (an ex hitcher - don't think she's on here) makes the star suits on  Here's my daughter in hers

    she came home in it although it was a little big!!

      Here's her in the Connecta, it's great as you don't need to worry about losing gloves or socks or hats as it's all attached!!

  • BK, the star suit looks like it's a lot easier to get on than a snow/pramsuit, is that the case? Love the photos.

  • That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I will be searching her page out tonight for sure. Thank you for sharing!

  • WG: Yes they're much easier to get on but I guess that's because they're not padded so are much more flexible. Probably not as warm as a snowsuit but in a carrier you don't need much extra heat as you & the baby generate a lot between you.

    Jonesy: Thanks, I forgot how small she was (I always think of Maggie Simpson from 'The Simpsons' when I see pics of her in it). Will definitely be using another star suit for the 1 on the way!

  • I think it might be ideal then, especially if I'm planning on using the Connecta. I want a Morrck as well as we'll be doing lots of short trips out using the car seat. I think the star suit might be handy for use in the carrycot and then layering with blankets if really cold - I think I prefer the idea of being able to add/take off layers rather than a big padded all in one.

  • In my opinion, thick clothes of woolen with v-neck and full sleeves are more effective against winter cheater and another winter jackets. If you want to buy winter wears for babies you can contact on the link given below:

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