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What to ask at 34wk consultant appt for ECS. Sorry I know its been done before

I know there have been threads on this before but I can't seem to find how to bring old threads up when I search on my phone. 

I have an appointment Next week with the consultant to discuss an elective CS. Any tips on what I should be asking about? 

Thanks JT 


  • I didn't ask anything at mine really. And having just had one, I can tell you anything you need to know. Stuff like skin to skin or cutting cord etc they normally ask on the day. I guess ask how many they do in a day, if you will be 1st/2nd etc - just so you can be prepared for a wait.

    Overall my experience was amazing, it was quick, friendly and lots of skin to skin time afterwards and I could feed within first hour I think?

    Maybe ask how long you will stay and if you can stay longer if you wish? (2 nights was just about right for me).

  • Thanks IDC . That reminds me I wanted to ask if there's any chance of staying less time. Although after the CS I might be glad of the break to stay in hospital!

    Skin to skin and feeding is one of my main concerns as I had W at 11.30pm and no one have baby to me to try to feed until the next day and I couldn't get out of bed to try and get her myself so I don't want to have that happen again

  • They were quite happy for me to stay only one night but I wanted the extra rest and to be sure he was feeding OK. I had skin to skin in recovery room and as they wheeled me up to the ward. It was only after that he actually got dressed.

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