What was on your list for #2 compared to #1?

So last night i started thinking about what we need to buy for baby this time as i want to spread out costs/look for things on offer/in sales etc. 

My list was surprisingly short.....double buggy (going to source a second hand out and about nipper), connecta (i have a moby so this is a want not need!), electric breast pump (had a manual with P but it was too much like hard work!) and new matresses for mosses basket and cot). I'll get baby his/her own first outfit/sleepsuits etc but if it's a girl she'll be wearing all P's clothes. If it's a boy then obviously clothes. Plus a few bits like stock up on muslins and things for me, breast pads etc. 

Am i missing something?! What did you get for #2 that you didn't have for #1? Did you find you barely needed anything? 

What do i WANT rather than need...if the list stays this short i might treat myself to a few nice bits. 


  • My need list - breast pump adaptor last one went on fire. Changing mat i bought in tesco for £2.50, new cotbed mattress as we are using it straight away.

    I've had free muslins, bottles, dummys etc.

    TP has bought me a toddlepod thing, im getting a giraffe car seat blanket made by mrs c. So not much! Oh ive bought a few teeny nappies of course!

  • Oh and a papoozle

  • What is a papoozle?!

  • Don't think I bought much at all other than mattresses and a new Morrck as baby 1 just had a 2nd hand one so I treated baby 2 to a new one :-). Clothes when I found out he was a boy

  • My list is a sling, mattresses, clothes and new morrck if it's a boy so similar to yours! Had bouncy chair on my list as borrowed one last time but got my friends one from her and she's got a buggy board too that she's going to give me as I was debating whether I needed one, so a free one from her solves that problem!

  • It's a sling :-)

  • I bought new white vests and babygrows as I gave away ALL my neutral stuff about 2 weeks before I found out I was pregnant and the girl didn't even offer any of it back.

    New car seat as A was still in hers, double pram and 2 buggysnuggles. Bought a Jumperoo from Ally, box to use as a change box as A was still in nappies.

    This time I've bought a new change mat, breast pump as my last one was badly discoloured from using it in work, I'm buying the new purple Out and About and a new Connecta. I've treated myself to a giraffe print Oioi change bag. I think ill need some new muslins and hooded towels.

    Oh and a cot mattress but won't need that till about next Xmas so will get it at the time. I don't need to but a new crib mattress as I leant my crib to my friends mum, she bought mattress, bedding etc and then never used it! So she is giving it all to me x

  • I had a very short list for number 2, but once she arrived it seemed to grow massively to include a new pushchair (Bugaboo Bee) carseat & base, a second bouncy chair and lots of clothes.  I found that I didn't have as much stuff in newborn as I remembered, and then she has just gone in to 0-3 mths at which point Zoe apparently started wearing proper clothes but I'm not ready to move on from babygrows yet.  There is also the issue that Orla seems to have particularly short legs so the little trousers that Zoe wore are about 2 inches past the end of Orla's legs.  

  • I got a new play mat as Sammy's was 2nd hand and boring! A new bouncy chair because he was in his loads and it got trashed but annoyingly Sebastian hates it. New footmuff and a few new vests etc. will yours be in same season clothes? Mine are so clothes wise seb is about fitting in Sammy's clothes now.

    I'll be selling my medela swing in a month or so if you want first dibs.

  • Thanks ladies. A few extra bits to think about. I havea pink striped morrck so that'll be another thing if it's a boy  

    Well probably end up spending more on p as we've got to decorate the spare room for her to move into ad get all the furniture for it etc

    Wh yes please On the pump. Let me know when you're selling.

  • I had to start from scratch. I gave all of C's stuff away, as he was going to be an only child.

    With number 2, I found I didn't "need" half the stuff I had got for number 1 (Baby bath, for example), yet still managed to spend a couple of grand, even though I had a shorter list of what I wanted to get.

  • Double pushchair, bigger changing bag and a b-box for each baby so that I wasn't hunting through the bag trying to find the right sized nappy!

  • Watching this thread with interest Autumnrose:) so far on my list is sometype of comfy baby carrier/ sling as L walks so well that I am hoping that I can get away with no double buggy. However if I do need one it will be second hand one I buy. Need new bottlles and clothes if a girl x

  • Not pregnant yet but I've been thinking about it. We will need somewhere safe for baby to nap downstairs (Isaac used to go on the sofa or bouncy chair but with a toddler around I wouldn't do that) a stretchy wrap, new teats if we ff again, converter to change pushchair to a double and a cotbed for the new bedroom. Everything else would be *wants* rather than needs.

  • I also had a double buggy (an Out n About nipper - I've got the updated V2 which is narrower and will fit through the front door), a Morrck, new mattress for the Moses bases, a cot and a bigger change bag. It was a case of getting the things I missed out on first time round.

  • My list:

    new mattress for moses basket

    double buggy

    Lansinoh cream


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