What's everyone up to today?

I'm walking my daughter and godson to school then L to toddlers. It finishes at 11.30 so we will head back to collect the schoolies then. I'm meeting 3 friends with their children at soft play for lunch and I am working 4-10pm. 

Ill be doing double Metafit at work as well. 

And no doubt will fall into bed toNight!

What has everyone got planned for today? X


  • Lavender sounds like a real busy day for you!

    I'm getting housework done this morning... Then I might go and do a bit of retail therapy..  Out with the girls tomorrow so I fancy a new top!

  • I have got to go into town and enroll on a college course I am starting next month. I have a fractured foot so NOT looking forward to that journey!

  • Fridays is my 'food shop and housework' day. That's not to say I don't do any housework the rest of the week because i do lol but I like to blitz it all again before the weekend.

  • also on a house blitz day before the weekend. also must make soup with the crazy amount of courgettes our garden has produced must also get off MD and get children dressed at some point we're all off to my parents for a BBQ tonight so a day off dinner prep for me Big Smile

  • My Mum is coming round in a bit, to see the boys. I have got a couple of blankets to finish. Luckiky the weater is fab, so I can sit doing that outside, whilst my boys play.

    Didn't go to sleep until 3am, so I did my housework then. C wants more bacon and cheese wraps too (even though I have already made a dozen this week), so will be making those at some point.

  • How long do they do half days? Straight into full days here.from day 1!

    I had cons this morn, Michael dropped Aaron at nursery. Now he is away to storage and Phoebe and I are doing nothing as she is snotty and miserable.

    Car has service at 1.30 and aaron has speech therapy at 3 so thats how the afternoon will be spent!

  • It's 3 weeks they do 9-12.30 here. It's a pita!

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