when did you ditch your playmat?

A is 7.5 months and has been spending less and less time on her playmat. She isn't quite crawling yet but does roll a lot and quite often gets stuck up against the frame. She does on occasion play with the bits that dangle down (like now...just to prove a point!) so I don't know whether to get rid or not seeing as she does get a small amount out of it still. 

Maybe once she's crawling she'll want the floor space and be far more interested in the DVD player and the waste paper basket??


  • Probably around a similar age as it was in the way with all his other stuff! Tbh he never really played on it much, by the time he wasn't overwhelmed by the dangly bits he was rolling and into everything!

  • once she was rolling a lot and therefore never stayed on it, probably around 6/7 months. x

  • About 2 months ago? So 7/8months. He was wanting to roll and getting stuck. I did worry as he still got enjoymnet from the dangly bits but there's far more fun things to explore when he's rolling :)

  • Ok that's great thanks...i think i'll wait until she's crawling so shouldn't be too much longer. I'll be sad to see it go!

  • About four months. She just wasn't interested as just wanted to roll and she crawled ish at 19 weeks.  Properly at 22 so then really wouldn't have noticed at all x

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