When did you start 3 meals a day?

H is 7 months now. We started weaning at 6 months and for the past week I have been mostly giving him 1-2 meals a day. He always has breakfast and mostly dinner in the evening with me and H although occasionally I give him lunch instead. HV today said he should be on 3 meals a day now so just curious really to when other people started this?


  • J was on 3 meals by then. He was a very enthusiastic about eating, so he was probably on 3 meals after a week or so of weaning.

  • I don't think there's any  need for him to be on 3 meals a day until around 9 months, if that, I'm sure the NHS website says that. We started 3 meals at just over 7 months, but because he was a keen eater and it seemed like the right time. It helped get him in a good routine and there was no harm in it (we were blw so I knew he'd just have what he wanted), but I didn't want to rush it either as lunch was the last one to come in and the most faffy as we often aren't at home for it!

  • We did three meals from the start, but we're doing BLW so not much is actually eaten, she just needs practice as much as possible!
  • Exactly the same as Porkchop. My daughter was offered food at every meal she was awake from when we started BLW at 25 weeks. If it works for you & your family try offering 3 meals & if it doesn't work go back to 2. No rush

  • I don't think F was on 3 meals a day until 8/9 months, probably nearer 9 months to be honest. He wasn't that fussed by food until 7 months.

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