when did you start raspberry leaf tea?

I discovered with p that I love it!! And I only pushed for 30 mins so who knows if it worked!

Im dying to start it sgain because it was so yummy but I cant remember when I started drinking it. Google has given me a million different answers!!

Im 30+4, can I start yet?!?!


  • I thought it had to be started later, after 36 wks?

    It's supposed to tone your uterus isn't it? Interesting as the uterus not contracting back down quickly after delivery is one of the main complications of my troublesome pregnancy, I wonder what the advice would be on me taking it...never even considered it till I saw this so cheers AR!

  • No problem!! I have a feeling I started at 35 ish weeks with p but googling brings all answers from 28 weeks to 37 weeks! I wondered if anyone had asked their mw, otherwise ill have to wait for my next appointment in 3 weeks and the box in the cupboard is calling me!!

  • I have mw on Thursday, can ask for you if you like?

  • Last time I'm sure it was after 35/36w. I haven't got In the habit yet this time, I read a lot you don't need it second time so fingers crossed!
  • Yes please weekeneder. Trouble is isis I dont really want it to speed anything up this time (0cm to birth in 4 hours with p). I just love taste!

  • I thought it took 6-7 weeks to get in your system?

  • I dont think I remember reading that one monnie

  • I asked my MW and she said not before 36 weeks.

  • Ought to add, that was about the capsules which think are a higher concentration than the tea so i guess don't take as long to get in to your system

  • Every website seems to say something different. Thats the problem. Ive a feeling youre all right about 35/36 weeks. Boo will have to resist a few weeks longer!!!

  • I started taking the tablets at 36 weeks, made bugger all difference unfortunatly!

  • 36 weeks then upped my dose each week. My entire labour was 4 hours from 1st contraction to baby... I'm not sure if if was the capsules but I'll be taking then again just incase!

  • I started on one cup of tea at 34 weeks, then added a capsule a week so by the end I think I was taking 4 or 5 capsules a day. It got too hot to drink tea after the first couple of weeks! I thought it was meant to help with dilation. I went from 2cm to 10cm in 2 hours so if that's what it does then it did it's job!

  • I think it's just a myth that it actually brings on labour. I took it from about 35 weeks I think (can't remember may have been before) and had an easy labour so I'll be using it again this time just in case!

    I found this: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/.../11370690 which said 32 weeks with no adverse effects and a small effect in shortening the second (as opposed to first) stage of labour, but it calls for extra research (fairly small trial).

  • I also went 2-10cm in an hour in the bath with no pain relief!

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