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When did you start using a highchair?

can you use them before 6 months or is it something specific to do with support that you shouldn't use them? O will sit with us when were having dinner in the rocker seat bit of his swing (it lifts off and you can use it on its own) but he's obviously on the floor and can only see me and half the time I'm turned away from him eating. He's only 16 weeks so i know a bit young for a highchair yet but 2 months seems a long way off for him being able to use it. The one we have has an extra insert for young babies and also 3 recline positions. 

O constantly pulls himself forward now to try and get sitting up. He can sit on my knee and I just hold him round the waist and he holds himself up and looks around. Did anyone use them before 6 months or is that a no no? Don't want to do anything that might cause him issues obviously!


  • I think they can go in then from anytime they can hold themselves well enough. Depends on the high chair too as some are more supportive than others. I'd pop him in and see how he is.
  • Whenever they are strong enough to sit up in it. If it reclines a bit that might be good while he's still young. I've been putting b in hers since about 20 weeks as that's when I bought it and she lives being high up able to see us at the table

  • Alex has been in his for the last month, so probably since he was O's age. But it's one of those highchairs where it's pretty impossible for them to slump in it, with a tall seat back that curves round the sides if you see what I mean. He also sits and plays unsupported on the floor now (at 20 weeks) and has always had excellent head control so I felt confident letting him sit in there early on. But I'm yet to put him in a highchair in a cafe or anywhere as they are less supportive and I'm paranoid that he'd slide out and I'd look like the world's worst mother!

  • We sat Isobelle in her highchair at all meal times she was awake at 5 months, a month before we started weaning. We have the Ikea Antilop but use a cushion to ensure that she sits forward. I have to admit that we went for a meal when she was around 7 or 8 months when she literally slid out of the bottom of a highchair in a restaurant. Luckily she landed on the large nappy bag. We had been visiting my family so had our own high chair in the car which we were able to use.

  • We have the antilop as well and got the inflatable cushion that goes inside it which supports S really well. He's been in it for the last few weeks at mealtimes. He's got good head control and can sit unsupported a little. He's fine in it so far. Pop him in and see how he is, you'll soon be able to tell if he's not ready for it yet.

  • Great thanks ladies.

    Blackkat I would have got the fright of my life!

    Ours has a five point harness, reclines and has an additional padded insert so It's not a million miles off his swing seat and he doesn't slide down or anything when he's in the upright position on that. I'll get it built up later and see how he gets on!x

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