When did you turn your pram forward facing?

S is almost 8 months and I've only just remembered my pushchair can face outwards... but I really don't think I'm ready! When did your LO want to see the world? Should I be considering it?? He still seems so young, sob!


  • I think M was a little bit older - I turned it when she was craning her neck round the side of the pram to look where we were going!  I think she was about 1.  

  • I still push J facing me most of the time at 19months - I like interacting with him, and he can still see all around pretty well.

  • I any really remember, probably about 1. There is no need to move them until you want to!
  • W is. 25 months and walks most of the time but when ever she is in the pushchair I still have her parent facing. It's much nicer to be able to chat to her, I feel like she's being ignored if she's forward facing and am only short so have to then lean over to see her to check she's ok / not lost a glove etc  . Like SG said, they can still see lots of stuff facing you .

  • R is still facing me at 23 months, I like being able to chat to him.  My older boys were about 15/16 months I think.

  • E's pushchair is only forward facing (altough I can angle the hood so she can still see me) - so she has been forward facing since I moved her from the pram to the pushchair.  She is still rear facing if I clip the car seat on to the frame though - she's never really been bothered either way!!

  • Only recently when he went into the pushchair, about 15 months I think. Still miss it cos it feels lonely just pushing without being able to see him!

  • Oh good, I won't feel pressure to rush then! I think pre baby I thought they would move around this age (no idea where I got that from!) But I don't feel ready at all, and I think S would prefer to still see me - I agree I'd feel like I was ignoring him which is silly I'm sure! Also, I am obsessed with his sleep of course, so like to know the second he nods off!

  • About 1 year old. He was desperate to forward face, it was me that wanted to keep him parent facing. H in the end turned him round!

  • Majority of the time he still faces me at nearly 1. Occasionally it's out as he is very nosey but he's happy with my mug too

  • so no one was forward facing from birth?

  • Carole - we were only parent facing when she was in the pram, but she hated the pram and was much happier in the pushchair (suitable from birth anyway) - we were pretty much forward facing from birth!!  (We have a Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle)

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