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When did your bump 'drop'?

I have heard this term bandied about a lot on here, and have definitely noticed some of the MDers drop lower over time on the bump threads, but have no clue when this usually happens? Is it right near the end or earlier? And is it due to baby becoming engaged?

I'm only 33 weeks, but thought my bump looked a bit lower yesterday - or rather there suddenly seemed to be a bit of space in between my boobs and bump, but it could have just been what I was wearing. Anyway it made me realise I'm completely clueless as to when this might happen - or if it does even happen to everyone?

And last of the silly questions for now, baby is currently breach, would it still drop in the same way (if the little scamp doesn't turn of course, which I'm hopeful it will!)


  • No idea about the breech position but my bump didn't drop either time and I still went into labour the second time. I thought it HAD to but maybe not!

  • The reason why bump appears to drop I think is because the head engages in your pelvis so less baby is in your actual bump, making the bump look lower IYSWIM?

    The head can engage at any stage, even during labour, which is why some people's bumps don't drop as noticeably.

  • WhepS.  None of my bumps have every dropped though.  When I had A (by CS) he was still so high up that I had a doc at each end with the one at the top trying to push him down towards the exit so they could grab him!  They had to grab him with foreceps in the end

  • My bump dropped massively the night before I went into labour. I remember getting ready for bed and looked in the mirror and couldn't believe the difference. It never dropped at all 1st time IIRC

  • Mine dropped lots at 34 weeks. Suddenly my coat fitted again after not being able to do it up.  Then the day before I went into labour it really really dropped.  Looked really high again in labour though..

  • Last time a couple of weeks before s appeared so 29 ish weeks.

    This time it dramatically dropped a fortnight ago at just shy of 32 weeks although now looks lower some days than others.

  • Looking back on photos, mine dropped a couple of days before my waters went xx

  • Thanks ladies, that seems pretty varied then. I won't panic if it does lok a bit lower now (it's definitely not a lot), but equally, good to know it doesn't have to drop to go into labour.

    Morph - That must have added an extra dimension to your c-section!!

  • IIRC neither of mine dropped (well not noticeably). I went into labour naturally both times (with waters breaking being the first indication of labour)

  • Same as Bink here. We have photos of me in the birthing pool and bump is still high!! She was a forceps delivery in the end though x

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