When did your LO go into their own room?

As the title suggests really. I know SIDS guidelines state 6 months but P is almost 4 months and we are thinking of moving her soon ish. She is sleeping through (8-7.30) and is a pretty chilled baby but I am still a little reserved about it all. 

OH is all for it surprisingly! Just wondered what your experiences were? 



  • My son (back in the Stone Age) outgrew the crib we'd been lent at 6 or 8 weeks and the bedroom had no space so he went in his cot in his bedroom.

  • 7 months, and he still felt too young! He is fine but it was me who didn't like it Laugh

  • Just before 6 months here- he'd outgrown his crib and we couldn't fit his cotbed in our room. H slept on the nursery floor with him the first few nights because he was a bit snotty and I was more paranoid than if he'd been well.

  • My little one is coming up for four months and I'm not ready for him to move yet!

  • 9 months. He slept in a travel cot for a bit. Then we moved house and he went into his own room.

  • #1 at 2 weeks.  I had pnd and didn't want her near me which makes me incredibly sad now.  H wasn't aware of the guidelines so just went with what I said.

    #2 just moved at 22 weeks.  She was waking every half an hour and it was killing me.  I actually didn't drive for a couple of days as I was scared I would crash so we decided to move her a few weeks early.  We do have the Angelcare heartbeat monitor which makes me feel a bit better but I am aware she would have to stop breathing for this to kick in.  For us it has been a massive decision this time and I know we are slightly early but as H said the reality of having an accident in the car whilst being so tired was as much of a risk in his mind.  I will be much happier in 3 weeks time when she hits the magic 6 months.

  • E was 28-9 weeks. Still felt that it was too early but it definitely wasn't,  for her!  I don't think I'd have ever been ready though so was a case of just doing it for her.

    We are certain strict with sids here though so the step from her only ever sleeping next to me / in the same room day and night to a whole different room was a big one.

  • I knew the guidelines but we moved at 4 months... We had just moved house, didn't have space for the cotbed in our room (his room is only across top of stairs from us as a chalet bungalow) and we were comfortable to do so

  • around the seven month mark here, I followed SIDS guide lines when it came to sleeping plus it was mch easier doing a night feed should he want it when he was in our room.

  • The beans went into their own rooms at 6 months, baby #1 was 5.5 months (but his room was right next to ours) and my other child went into her own room at 15 months! Sob! She was a rubbish sleeper and her room would have been 2 floor below ours. I couldn't cope with having to go up and down all night. I should have moved her sooner, the first night in her own room was the first night she ever slept through!

  • 7 months, and I was reluctant to even then but he was still feeding in the night til 9 months so it would have been convenient for him to stay.

  • Jut over 6 months.

  • 7 months, would have been 6 but I hadn't finished painting his bedroom!

    This one will be a bit later probably as I ideally don't want my 7 year old sharing for too long before we move house.

  • We planned to move A at 6 months as per the guidelines, but due to various other factors we don't have a cot yet, and the other bedroom is full of bathroom stuff, so he is still in with us, in a travel cot at 7 months.

    We are currently clearing out our spare bedroom for my cousin to stay and the cot is arriving next month, so he will be moving then.  TBH, until this week he was still waking at 5am for a feed so it's much easier having him in our room.

  • SIDS risk is highest between 2 and 5 months so I wouldn't consider moving before then, I know sometimes circumstances mean you have to though. A is still in my bed at 8.5 months, he can't/won't self-settle and needs to feed to sleep so it's easier all round.

  • Well we moved her at about 6.5 months, though she was soon back in with me. She has had the odd spell of a week or so when we've been able to comfortably get her down in her cot, but then something (teeth, a cold etc) will always bring her back in to me. She's been back in with me for the last three weeks I think. It's just easier for us. Poor H. He has a little bed on the floor made up of her cot mattress!

  • drifter

    around the seven month mark here, I followed SIDS guide lines when it came to sleeping plus it was mch easier doing a night feed should he want it when he was in our room.


  • Number one moved at 4 months when he outgrew the Moses. I knew tw guidelines but didn't know the reasons behind them.

    This time I won't be moving number 2 until 6 months. He outgrew the Moses at 3 weeks! And luckily the cot fits in our room in this house. He also naps in same room as us. I've heard too many horror stories now!
  • 6 months for both of mine, it meant putting C in a travel cot in our room for a month or so after she outgrew the moses basket, but I couldn't move them any sooner and not worry all night.  They both slept much better once we moved them into their own room though, so I'm glad I moved them when I did.

  • My little boy was 9 months before he moved into his own room, he slept in his moses basket for the first 9 months as he was only tiny and still hadn't outgrown his moses basket at that age, but we felt it was the right time to move him into his own room,

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