When did your milk come in?

I can't remember from last time. 

what day did your milk properly come in? I'm having a CS so know that delays it a bit normally so would especially like to know what day it was for those who had a CS. 

im just wondering as my plan is to wait until then to buy nursing bras. Ive got a couple I saved from last time so plan to use them for the first few days then once my milk comes in go out to the shops to get new ones ( i bought them a couple of weeks before last time, but H gets paid two days before my CS so need to wait til after pay day to buy them!) 

also , any recommendations of where to get some at a decent price. I'm normally only a 32b and think I went to a 34c last time so not that big that I need amazing support. Just ones which are comfy and have easy boob access but not too expensive.


  • My milk came in around 36-48 hours after both my elective sections. My nursing bras are from M&S, not the prettiest but cheap and functional.

  • Mine came in about 2/3 days. . I had ELCS and had loads of skin to skin to help bring the milk (maybe too much, I had a hot flannel a few times!)

    Bras are from Debenhams. Sometimes they have special offers on with 20% off

  • Thanks ladies.

    I thought it was about that but its all a blur so couldn't quite remember!

    I've got a wedding evening do to go to at ten days post birth so need to get new bras before that for attempting to feed in a dress there. I've already told H he might have to go on his own though if I'm not feeling up to it by then.

  • Mine took 4 days my poor girl was starving!

  • I had her on the Monday and my milk didn't come in til the Friday. I'd already given up BF on the Tuesday.

  • S was born Thurs night, milk came in overnight on the Sunday

  • Mine was about 24 hours so v quick

  • 2 or 3 days here, I remember going to have a bath & leaking all over the floor! I also bought mine from m&s, very comfy!

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