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When should we have 3d/4d scan?

Hi everyone.

 Have found a half price deal for a 4d scan package which we are considering.  The website says 24-32 weeks is an ok time to have it done.

We will be 25 weeks on Saturday but I have heard a few people say it's best to wait til 26/27 weeks til baby has more fat....anyone had one around 25 weeks, don't want to waste the money if we will get a better picture by waiitng a week or two!



  • We had one at 22 or 24 weeks with phoebe and it was fab. We waited to lated with aaron and he was all squashed

  • I had one around 30 weeks this time. I think I left it too late as it took ages to get any decent pics.

  • I think my sister had hers at around 25/26 weeks and the pictures were good but they weren't all very clear. Ours was at almost 29 and pictures were much better.

  • Abc4d in Motherwell advised us to wait until 27 weeks as before that baby looks too thin and after that baby is too big to get decent pics

    We're going next sat at 27+4 so hoping for decent shots

  • 22 weeks top one, 32 bottom

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