When to start washing baby clothes?

I'm off work and bored so thinking out loud (sort of!). And thought might as well get the board moving!

When did you start washing baby clothes? Can you use normal washing powder? Or is there special baby stuff?!

Thanks :)


  • I started washing clothes whilst on ML, about 2 weeks before my DD. I was lucky in that it was summer so could hang all the baby bits on the line. I didn't (and still don't) use special baby stuff but bought tablets called "simply pure" which I found in Tesco.

  • You're supposed to use non bio. I think I did for pre washing baby clothes but havent since.  I think I did it a week or so before babies were born.

  • I washed some stuff a good few weeks back and today I'm washing all the new bits I was given at my baby shower on Sunday. I don't think it's too early :-)

  • How much is everyone washing?

    Is it just stuff for their first few weeks or first few months?

    I assume bedding and muslins etc too!

  • I'm washing everything cos I don't like the smell of 'new' fabric!

  • Start washing ASAP!! Once baby comes its hard to do a loaf of laundry and they grow so fast. An outfit will fit one day and the NEXT day be to small! Wash, pack and label the sizes!! There is special baby detergent but I just used the brand we normally do. I figure babe touches my clothes/Ned sheets so our detergent is probably ok for his clothes too

  • Also this may not be the norm but about 90% off his first month he was either in just a diaper or in a swaddle blanket

  • I didn't bother pre washing clothes, but for some reason I washed (and ironed)! the muslins and sheets.

  • I washed everything in non bio about 4 weeks before my due date

  • I didn't bother! But I have switched to non bio liquid.

  • I started washing my maternity bag bits first,  about 33 weeks.  Then about 35 did the stuff in newborn and few in 0-3. I never did get round to pre washing coats and such like just things that touched skin.. vests,  baby grows and bedding etc.

    I also don't pre wash in advance in case I need to return to store and swap. Especially with newborn as you don't know if you'll need them much or whether a bigger size would be better.

    I used non bio and comfort pure on Es but in hindsight wish I'd chosen something less fragranced.

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