Where did you get your maternity clothes from?

I'm in need of winter coat, jumpers, jeans, work trousers, pyjamas, dresses, tunics, that kind of thing.

Ive looked at New Look, H&M, asos, Debenhams, where else can I look? I don't want frumpy andneeds to be reasonably priced because I don't want to spend too much on stuff I won't wear for long




  • H&M and New Look were main places last time, and a couple of bits from next. I found most shops hardly stock anything in store so online is better. Although our local H&M is pretty good. I also got a few bits in the jojo sale and a big grey cardi from there that wasn't in thesale or cheap but i wore it last winter when not preggers and i'll wear it again this time. It was more like a coat really. So useful.

  • M&S (online), Mamas & Papas, Jojo maman bebe,  I've bought R a few bits from Vertbaudet and noticed some of their maternity things were nice.

    Try putting a wanted on the FB selling page here?

  • Do any of the supermarkets do mat gear? I've never looked. But I need to. This weekend. I'm a stone up in 2 months.

  • Not that i've noticed counter, if they did it'd probably only be online.

  • Counter - George at asda were advertising their maternity stuff when I was in last week. Not sure if its only online or in store.

  • direct.asda.com/.../D1M1G20C19,default,sc.html

    Apparently ASDA do, thanks debbydoo. Good value for basics, will definitely be ordering some bits.

  • New look and peacocks so far. Will be looking online soon for some proper bits.

    For PJ's I've just gone up a size at Primark.

  • Thanks ladies,

    I've put a wanted post up on here, for some reason I can't start a post in the fb selling page, I have done in the past so not sure why I can't now!

    I'll check out those places ladies, thanks x

  • Mine are from new look, next and mothercare. New look was all ordered online as the selection in our store was minimal. Sizing was good too.

  • What size stuff are you after? Really need to advertise my stuff on here

  • I think tesco online do a few bits and also Dorothy Perkins. Next and new look have a good range! X

  • Weekender, would you like me to put a post on the FB page and you can tag yourself in it?

  • New Look mainly. A few bits from ASOS but I sent £250 out of £300 back is it was flimsy thin material. They were better for winter stuff last time though, so possibly still worth a try.

  • My staples were Matalan, Asda (the bigger stores and Living stores stock, though online is also available), H&M, Debenhams and Peacocks

  • Thanks ladies, I never thought of a few if those places I'll have a look

    Debbydoo, thank you but I've managed to post on there now from my phone but couldnt from iPad?? Weird. Thanks for offering though x

    IDC, I need size 12 on top and 14 bottoms, if you've got anything old love to take a look x

  • I have bits mainly from new look, Gap, Boden leggings, ebay, TopShop. PJ's I just got a bigger size in Tesco. I put my last years winter coat on today and due to the swing style of it I could still do it up at 38 weeks.

  • Right. My mission will be to picture and list what I have as its mostly 12 or h&m size M

  • IDC I shall keep an eye out, thank you x

  • I've bought quite a few bits from the Seraphine website, Next and H&M. Seraphine seems to be a bit more than I want to spend but its such good quality I know it will last all winter so I can recycle lots.

  • I got some Mat jeans from ASDA. I got them insotre but the selection was tiny instore!

    my other bits are from New Look Maternity and ASOS.

    Last week I got a few bits from H&M's Basic range as its stretchy enough  to go over the bump but not maternity clothes so i can still wear them post pregnancy!

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