Where do you buy most of your children's clothes?

Just a pondering really......having got up early for the next sale last weekend to make sure P got kitted out at half the price, I started thinking about the price (and quality) of some kids clothes. 

P is mainly in next, tesco, George at asda and matalan atm. I saw some gorgeous bits in Zara when I was pregnant but thought it was a little overpriced and also my local store starts at 9-12 months (she is 3 and 1/2 months) 

Am I missing any hidden gems??



  • Mainly Monsoon bought in the sale - as in we go into the shop and grab every single thing off the rack for around her size and do a massive trying on session.  M&S and Next I also find very good.  I love a lot of the Boden things but they just don't fit Zoe very well.  

  • Next- which are usually bought by my SIL, his aunty! I buy the odd piece I see if I love it but I do begrudge paying £10 for a tshirt when I can get an equally cool one out tesco for £2... I buy a lot of dad to dad stuff from tesco as its the only shop around for miles and good value. That sounds awful doesn't it? SIL says I'm tight Bawl

  • I don't think you're tight MissusS....they grow so quickly and it seems silly to pay more on something O will wear for 3-6 months than I would spend on a top for myself! O has  a few next bits (all sale or excellent condition 2nd hand), otherwise he is v much a Sainsburys,Tesco and Asda baby, with the odd Primark thrown in. That said, we've started on the 2-3 wardrobe and he has a few Next and Boden bits (won vouchers half price in an auction) and I've got the odd designer piece off Zulily. My thinking is once in 2-3 clothes should be lasting a bit longer, but he will still mainly be in supermarket clothing...currently 25% off in Sainsburys til Monday!

  • We tend to go to next, tesco and H&M. I also get a bit online from vertbaudet, they've always got codes for money off. I do like the Zara stuff and I has a few bits from there but only if I really can't resist!!

  • Loads of places but less so for next. Boden, frugi h&m, sainsburys, primark, argos

  • I rarely buy new!! Until she was a year most stuff was from nct sales. Now most is boden/frugi from fb selling pages. Supermarket s for basics like vests etc and other bits from m&s, h&m, next too.

  • H and m is my favourite so far! Great for cloth bums too.

  • I'd say that the majority of F's wardrobe is Next but we also buy from Tesco, Asda and Primark.

  • Sainsburys stuff seems better quality then Tesco or Asda to me but tyat said we shop in all. Less so in Next, got some things in Boots recently but they don't have a big selection.M&S and dDebenhams are shops of choice for my MIL, my mum likes M&S too now I think of it

    She changes her mind so often about what she will and won't wear that I don't buy anything too expensive

  • H & M, Asda, Matalan, Debenhams, Dunnes, Argos, Sainsburys.

  • We have such a wide range. I will shop anywhere for her if I like it,  same as for myself really.

    We've scaled back on basics this time such as vests and baby grows as we're weaning and crawling and ruining everything fast.  Clothes for leaving the house are normally next (which I buy most of in the sale). Best dresses normally jasper conran from Debenhams.  But we also love tesco for everyday leggings which I've found better than some of the next ones. Mil works for tesco so we have bits from there which she gets reduced. In the wardrobe we've got Ralph Lauren from the outlet which lasts exceptionally well,  m&s, asda,  matalan,  mothercare,  h&m, boots tights we love.. pretty much no where I won't shop really

    I'll also buy anything that's VGC second hand or bnwt which you see a lot of on eBay. We go to baby sales and I'll handpick a few things. Generally though unless I absolutely love it, I won't buy second hand side some of my favourite bits for E have been second hand.

  • H&m, asda, sainsburys, next, M&S, but at the moment lots of baby gap/gap kids, though only bought from eBay or in the sale or by my mum Wink

  • Got to add - car boots. I don't usually buy second hand for my boys, but my Mum got some jeans from Gap, for £1 from a car boot. She goes every week, and always comes back with loads of stuff. She got J a coat from Next, with labels on for £2.50.

  • Yes and as another add I would say Facebook groups..as we all know they aren't wearing these clothes very long!

  • Am way too guilty of spending more money than necessary on E's clothes! Daytime stuff I buy (mostly in the sale) from Gap, Jojo Maman and Baby, Zara and H&M. Sleep suits from sainsburys or tesco. My mum and sister have also bought E some gorgeous items from Ralph Lauren and Petit Bateau for when he is slightly older

  • I buy mainly next second hand off eBay. I love their clothes and think they have beautiful dresses but can't justify how much they are new. I used to buy cheap stuff from primark but found I could get a second hand next outfit cheaper than primark new and it is so much nicer and better quality.

    For vests/ baby grows it tends to be asda mainly as that's wherever tend to shop. Have also got them from tesco aswell.

  • Frugi and Boden (in sales, on Ebay or 'shopping ahead' in the sizes that cover 6 months' use not 3!) Tesco, Sainsbury, Boots and John Lewis generally.

  • Mine mainly wear Next,  Mothercare,  Boden,  Asda,  Sainsburys ( although haven't bought any girls stuff from there for a while,  prefer their boys). Almost everything is bought in half price sales though,  very rarely buy full price

  • Jojo Mama too,  gutted Abigail too big for their stuff now

  • Mostly Sainsburys, H&M and Primark, with other stuff from Asda, Next, Matalan and M&S. I love Sainsburys for both boys and girls clothes, and H&M is fab for bigger boys - lots of bright colours and great value.

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