Where for BA/thank you cards?

I really need to order some sort of BA or thank you cards ans start getting them sent.  Any recs for where's best to order them from?


  • First time round we used Jack and Jill cards. Second time round my friend made us some (www.thewhitepress.co.uk).

  • I ordered some from vista print with pics of G on, snap fish etc also do picture cards x

  • I got ours from snapfish. They were half price so I think I paid about £15 for 40 flat cards

  • I won some in the bt raffle last year from pink zebra (amy charlene designs). Even though i wasnt due till march she still honoured the prize and they are absolutely gorgeous would highly recommend. Not sure if she is on mumdrum.

  • I usually use moo.com but they seem to have got very expensive. Got R's birthday thank yous from Optimal Print as they seemed to have a few non-naff designs (and 50% off which always helps!)

  • I use Photobox for this type of thing. They nearly always have some offer or other on too.

  • I got mine from eBay, theres loads of lovely options on there

  • We got aarons from ebay and phoebea were from costco :-)

  • WH's ones were lovely.

    We've used Optimal print a lot in the past. They take a bit longer but they are very reasonably priced.

    You guys are VERY organised. I think M was a few months old before I did mine!

  • I did impress myself with my promptness!

  • Much easier to find time to do them with a sleepy newborn than a few months later! Plus i think people excused my brevity knowing that I was also looking after a week old baby!!!!

  • I've just ordered christening invitations from vistaprint and they're really good, very cheap too. Could easily be used as thank you cards.

  • we used vistaprint for Luke's discharge home announcement cards. I did postcards with text on the reverse.

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