Where is Counter?

Noticed that Counters not been around for a couple of days. Anyone know why? I hope its nothing to do with that maternity pay thread that got a bit .... OTT.

Hope your OK Counter if you are floating about !


  • Counter - if you are around, i want to know if your crisp addition has continued into 2nd Tri? Cos mine has kicked back in again with 3rd tri - i think i ate 4packs yesterday. I think it might be best to stop buying them Laugh

  • I'm not surprised she's ran off TBH given some of the responses.

    I do hope she is alright. x

  • I don't know what's gone off but hope she's ok.  Don't like to think of anyone feeling they have to go :(

  • Some posts had been made by Counter after that one, but I read through the tri threads and have noticed she's not been contributing on those for a couple of days (or anywhere else). Hopefully she's just on holiday or something :-D

  • Totally missed the thread but hope counter is well x

  • Agree with LM, some rather nasty comments on her mat pay thread might be the cause. Hopefully those individuals will be more thoughtful before they post in future or just not contribute to a post at all if they feel a need to be harsh. If you're lurking Counter, let us know how the mat pay situation is going.

  • I think she was having some problems with getting on the internet from work.. a few days ago...That may be the reason she's not around I emailed her earlier to check she's alright :)! I am sure she will be back on soon :)

  • I know from the tri threads that she's been working crazy hours lately so hopefully it's just down to not having enough hours in the day to waste on here!

  • Oh good! Glad to hear its not because of that thread. Hopefully she's back with us all soon!

  • the impression i get is counters not the type to let something like that get her down !

    i think shes made of sterner stuff than that !

  • I dont think it was the maternity pay thread as she was on our tri threads for several days after that. she lives in my neck of the woods and there are still some places without power since the storm. She has also been crazy busy at work recently. I'm sure shell be back soon.

  • I hope that it's just her being busy and lack of Internet keeping her away rather than the maternity pay thread. Frankly, some of the comments on that thread were very unfair and unnecessary.

  • Oh thanks ladies, that's lovely. I was peed off about the thread, who wouldn't be, but then I got some lovely supportive responses and I also did what I maybe should have done in the first place and spoke to people IRL who know my employment history, and why and under what circs I took my job etc, and it all slotted in to place! So it's all good.  I was away as been having a phase of pregnancy worries and couldn't face posting about it. Thanks for thinking of me Pepperoni and others, it's really appreciated! Hope you're all well xx

    HF - crisp addiction has eased off with the onset of heartburn. Ha ha. Probably just as well  :D

  • Seen your post on tri threads yesterday Counter, glad everything is OK! x

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