Who do you deal 1st at 3am - toddler or newborn?

The toddler who has woke up and is screaming for Mummy....and gets hysterical when Daddy is offered up?

Or the newborn who wants boob?

I fed Toby 1st and then went to sit in Lucy's bed. She was so worked up by this stage though, after an hour+half and no sleep, plus i was freezing, i caved and we all got in our bed. Lucy did then go to sleep. I am soooooo tired!
She has never been the best sleeper but she hasnt woken in the night for several months now. Aaarrrrrghh!!


  • HF, I really feel for you here. At least A is bottle fed so I can kick H out of bed and make him go make it. E too will scream blue murder if he goes in instead of me. What do you do when you go into Lucy? Could you take Toby in with you and feed him in there? I just sit next to E's cot and shhh or run her back a bit when she gets restless. I've had this dilemma during the day too when I've been trying to get E down for a nap and A is screaming for a feed! I've got one crying because they're tired, the other because they're hungry and me crying because I don't know what to do first!

  • I just sit on the edge of Lucy's bed, sometimes she holds my hand and usually she is back to sleep within 10mins or so. As i said, she has been sleeping thru for a little while now, so i think it was a bit of shock to system!

    Yes, taking Toby with might be the sensible option

  • I will have to ensure i "accidentally" kick H on the way out to ensure he isn't getting any sleep either!!

  • Hee hee, I "may" have elbowed H in the past whilst getting out of bed! Accidentally of course! What normally happens in out house is I'll have just fed A and got her back to sleep and am jut dropping off and E wakes up! And of course H doesn't hear either of them!

  • I would take the baby with me and sit on toddlers bed feeding.

  • Same as JB. Babies generally aren't bothered as long as they're fed. Thankfully i've not had this issue. Some advantages of C being a daddy's girl! Hope tonight is better. X

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