Who has been to Butlins Skegness?

Hi All,

We are going next month on the 14th-17th, (didn't remember it was valentines Weekend) with V who will be 12, and L who will be 17 months.

What was good/bad about Butlins? How much is there to do, I'm thinking that because the weather isn't going to be great there may not be a lot to do? We have the dining plan included, the buffet style meals. What was the food like? Any general hints and tips?

Thanks :-)


  • I've been but to be honest it wasn't the best holiday for me - I spent most of my time at skegness and Boston hospitals as I had an ectopic pregnancy while I was there! There's quite a bit to do there though - lots of activities and events. I can remember meeting bob the builder when we went (my friends little boy loved him!) Sometimes queues can be a bit long depending on what's on. There's also places you can go in skegness and the surrounding areas. Hope you have a great holiday! x

  • Ah, really sorry you didn't have a good time, totally understandable why it wasn't fab. I've heard the queues can be really long aswell, thanks for the advice!x

  • We went last year when Dd1 was 2.5 and I was 20ish weeks pregnant. Loads of shows and the pool was good. Queues can be long but its not that bad. I was pleasantly surprised by the food. Quite a bit of choice. Lots of veg and fruit can be a bit manic. The dining area is in a big echoey hall. There are other places to eat too.

    I can be a bit of a snob at times but I would happily go again. Dd1 loved it.

  • I've just booked to go in Oct half term. We used to go as kids yearly & loved it. Various members of my family have been over the last few years & enjoyed it so much they've persuaded us to go with them on a big family holiday. Enjoy x

  • Thanks Daisy, I was a bit worried by the food if im honest, mainly because it was pretty cheap! Thank you!

    Blackkat, if its all good in Feb, we're going to book Oct halfterm aswell! Never know, may see you there! x

  • Hope it goes well x

  • We've been a few times. If you go expecting cheap and tacky you'll love it! He food is normal food you eat at home. Expect cottage pie with veg rather than fillet steak! We ate loads (damn buffets!). Dining halls are a bit school canteen like but you're just getting fed rather than having a meal out. Pool is great, busy but no busier than a normal pool in the holidays.

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