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Morning everyone,

thought I'd start as I've been up half the night unable to sleep - came home yesterday to a letter from my consultant saying I meet my insurance critical life criteria. obviously I have to wait until I get the money but theoretically there shouldn't be any problems. So we've decided we are going to move to our forever home - they are still building in our development & I'm going to ring the builder on Monday & ask if he'll build us what we want / has any large detached coming up. FX he agrees to a part exchange too, would make things less stressful. 

Its all very bittersweet as I'm under my consultant for next 5 years incase it returns , regular check ups, no more summer holidays, need to keep a very close eye on our little one. But I've just gotta keep going & concentrate on the positives I guess. I'm a bit emotional - must have got 2hrs sleep max. 

Also so nervous for my scan on Monday, I keep thinking 'what if they don't find a heartbeat' but I am just being silly & worrying. 

Hi to all who follow 


  • Morning SaSaSi!

    I can understand your fears about the cancer returning but that is even more reason why you should get the critical illness payout! Cancer has changed your life and some extra money will be one less this to worry about.

    I'm struggling to sleep too. It is like it can't switch off and feel quite agitated. I don't have much to worry about (apart from growing babies!) so I think it must pregnancy anxiety and hormones.

    I have my 12 week scan date, the 27th Feb so less than 3 weeks to go!

  • SaSaSi - good news they've agreed to the payout and really hope you can get your dream house.  Must be still worrying for you though, but it's good they're keeping a close eye on you so they could catch anything straight away Hug

    Ducky - probably is the anxiety and hormones stopping you sleep - I struggle normally so it's been even worse recently!

    Looking forward to seeing my friend and her little girl this afternoon, C's excited about going to the softplay too (it's a huge one he's been to before with his nursery) - think I'm going to tell her about me being pg, as it looks like we might be on maternity leave together.  Her and her partner are trying to adopt and she was telling me last week when I saw her that all being well she should have her baby in August - I'm so pleased for her.  I know she won't be able to socialise too much in the first few months, but once she can it will be so great to meet up while we're both off Smile

    Also discussed a few things with my H about scans etc, and think he's in agreement that we find out the sex this time Smile I partly want to know so that I can be organised, and get rid of C's old clothes etc if this one isn't a boy.  Will be keeping my eye on Groupon etc for scan deals, although he's not keen on going to a place that has deals on there, doesn't think they're medical enough.

    Hello to everyone else, hope you're all ok x

  • SaSaSi - Great news that consultant has approved criteria - fingers crossed for your dream home now, and for your scan on Monday. Just remember you've already seen that little heart beating.

    Ducky - I think it's a hormone/inbuilt mother's anxiety that causes the early pregnancy sleep issues - I have been suffering too but after the scan yesterday I slept like a log for the first time in months! (Possibly as I wasn't woken up by O either as he is at my parents!) 

    Deedee - sounds like a fab day, would be fab to share your maternity leave with someone! Great news H is in agreement on gender too, we're having a surprise again - I could have been swayed but as H didn't want to know I didn't see the point in me finding out, couldn't plan any differently if only one of us knows as it'd end up spoiling surprise for him if he found gender clothing anywhere! 

    AFM - Meet Baby G, mark 2 (apologies for crapness of quality, it's a mobile pic of the scan pic as our scanner is out of action!) As we were 13+0 rather than 12+3 and baby was cooperative, the sonographer was 95% certain on sex, but we are going for a surprise again.  Going to pick O up from my parents today, and while we're over that way we're going to pop in the local nearly new shop as they often have fab bargains on ex display prams!

  • Hi sasasi, it must be bittersweet with the money&fear of it returning, but stay positive, this will make a huge difference to you and your family. I'm nervous about my scan too, it's not 'til the 25th so a few more weeks of keeping a lid on the worry.

    Ducky, hope your sleep improves soon. Being tired is so hard.

    Sounds like you have a lovely day planned deedee.

    Great scan coco! We're keeping the sex a surprise too. Must be so nice to know all is well.

    AFM I've just been watching the Olympic snowboarding they are amazing, I wish I could board like that! They are like gymnasts but strapped to boards, throwing themselves down a mountain!!! I'm really looking forward to all the Winter Olympics, I'm in awe of how superb these athletes are. Last night we went out for a work do, had a great night though it will take all day to recover! Hi to all who follow.

  • Ducky - I've never thought about pregnancy anxiety - I guess it is very common, especially for us first timers. That's made me feel a bit better, thanks!

    Deedee - sounds like a lovely afternoon, enjoy! Think we will find out sex too :)

    Coco - great scan pic!! Happy shopping :)

    Raincloud - I haven't seen any of the Olympics but I hear it's fab. Enjoy your lazy day :)

    Thanks for your kind words ladies....I didn't really get my head around the cancer thing before our surprise (but so very wanted) bfp. I'm looking forward to a future of nice quiet family life & hopefully good health.

  • Morning all!

    Sasasi - that is good news about the approved criteria. Can totally understand you're scared, but all you can do is do your best to prevent it, and just keep being monitored. Fingers crossed you have no further problems though - my dad had a skin cancer scare last year, and it was very scary xx

    Ducky - can't believe your scan is coming so soooon!! I don't have trouble sleeping but I keep waking up really early, and it's bl00dy annoying!

    Deedee - sounds like a lovely day, hope you have lots of fun

    Coco - great scan pic, glad all went well. Can't believe you are leaving us for second tri soon! We are in debate about finding out...I don't want to but H does. I am currently winning, using the argument that I am carrying her/him!

    Raincloud - I have no interest in Winter Sports but even I am enjoying the snowboarding!! It's awesome.

    AFM - I am feeling much better today. Heart palpitations seem to have calmed down a bit. Waiting for an update from MIL as to how FIL is doing but I spoke to her last night and she sounded quite positive which is good. Can't believe it is scan day tomorrow. I am excited and sh!tting myself at the same time - excited that we'll see little bubble and terrified at the same time, that there'll be nothing there.

    Have good weekends all, FX I'll be on tomorrow with a little picture of bubble x

  • Hi everyone! Not really been able to get on the last few days with work stuff going on.

    SaSaSi good news about the money and house, but I do understand it's a bit bittersweet for you. It must have been such a difficult time for you though so take what you can and make this next stage truly awesome!

    Ducky - exciting news for your scan!

    DD could you find a deal but not tell H it was a deal?!

    Coco that looks like a great scan picture! Baby G is growing nicely!

    Raincloud, I'm not a sports fan really but there is something about the winter sports that's just awesome to watch, I find myself gripped!

    Gavi EEEEEEEK that's all!

    AFM, I've not had trouble sleeping, so much as waking early, like Gavi.

    In other news, I had to tell my parents over Skype last night as there are clashes I didn't realise about in that they are due back from an extended trip 3 days after my due date and have to finalise the booking on Monday so it seemed best to tell them and let them decide what to do.

    Then this morning I did another CBD, having only got my BFP 1 week ago, and a CBD 1-2 last Sunday I got 3+ this morning!

  • Morning all! Sorry I seem too late for all the personals, but hope you're having a good weekend.

    Just wanted to update with babybean's latest heartbeat scan. It's back to normal thank goodness, at about 160. Doc I saw agreed it was probably my fever last weekend that was the problem. Since it was just an update, we didn't even have to pay this week, AND got 3 free 4d pics just cos the doc felt like it! I love that clinic!! Will upload a pic later. Baby now 6.2cm.

    I celebrated by buying myself some maternity leggings from H&M. So much more comfy, and no annoying waistband cutting my mini bump in half! I then went to John Lewis since my bras are getting tight so thought I'd get measured. I have been a small 34A all my adult life, but am now officially a B cup. Whoooo hoo, I have boobage!! So I bought 2 of the bras they tried me in, one basic everyday one and one gorgeous Elle McPherson one for which I of course had to get two matching knickers. A bit taken aback that it came to over £100 (oops!) but chuffed to have some new nice things.

    Day rounded off by dinner with friends and the trip to the ballet to see the male Swan Lake. A-MA-ZING!! A twist on the traditional story, especially the ending, that had us in floods of tears. I went with my friend, her friend and that friend's SIL, and the SIL's friend and a friend of that friend. Best of all out of the 6 of us, 4 are pregnant so for the first time I felt normal and able to chat about stuff. H and I live out in the sticks with no real contact with many people other than through work, so this was a lovely change.

    Back to work tomorrow, and hoping I'll cope with the exhaustion!

  • Afternoon all.

    Hope everyone is having a good Sunday.

    BF - that sounds like such a lovely day. Can't believe you will be off to second tri soon...glad the heartbeat is all fine again, and fingers crossed everything else goes smoothly for you. Baby still beating off those fibroids?

    AFM - we had our scan this morning and I am pleased to report that everything is OK. Baby is measuring bang on at 7+5 and heart is beating away nicely. I have a tiny corpus luteum cyst on my right ovary, which makes sense, as I am pretty certain that was the side I had my OV pains on. Nothing to worry about according to the sonographer, but I shall make sure it's kept an eye on.

    Say hello to Bubble!

  • Wow, that's a huge, terrible pic, sorry!

  • Lovely first scan pic Gavi. Glad all is well. And yes, my little one seems to be keeping the fibroids at bay for now. I am not going to be scanned again now until 20 weeks, unless I have any new problems. I will use my Doppler every few days and that's fine by me. I also can't believe I'm nearly 2nd tri, but planning to stay here until Friday!

  • Hello Bubble!! Big Smile Can't wait to meet you!!

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