WWYD - isofix base for infant carrier

We will be using the infant car seat we used last time, and I've got an isofix base for my car.  H has changed his car and now has isofix, so I was going to buy another base but they've discontinued them (despite still selling the car seat??  flipping Mamas and Papas, grr).  So I have two choices.  Use belt to fasten in seat. Or buy a second hand base.

WWYD?  I'm thinking to just leave it but M hated the seat belt going over her seat - and now I think of it I'm not sure the seatbelt in this car (which is smaller than last) will be long enough to go round the car seat.

argh I can't decide! 


  • Depends how often you use his car.  If it is only occasionally or for whole days out (so not in and out of the car) then I would just go without.  We didn't have an isofix base for Zoe and I never felt the need for one.

  • Thanks JB, H will be doing nursery pick up three times a week, plus we tend to use his car at weekends as mine is 3 door so it's just easier with his so would be in and out of the car quite often.

  • We have an isofix base from Mamas & Papas that we no longer use. I think my R and your daughter are similar ages (she was July 2010) so it might be the one you need if you decide that you want one.

    We have one isofix car and one non isofix and hated trying to get it in and out with the seatbelt so personally I'd go for the isofix base.

  • You're right Debby, M is June 10.  It is the primo viaggio car seat we have, if that's the same as yours.  Are you looking to sell your base?  IIRC I'm not too far from you either....

  • I'm sure my friend bought the isofix base for the Prima Viaggio just a few months ago, she didn't have isofix with first baby but did with this one hence wanting the base.  How odd.  Have you tried contacting one of the outlet stores ?

  • It's crazy jb, they still sell the car seat! I emailed their customer services who said they no longer sell it and have none available. So assumed outlets wouldn't have it

  • Yes I'm sure  it was the primo viaggio we had, it was part of the ultima travel system. I'm just outside Glasgow, so not that far from you  I don't think.

    It hasn't been used for almost a year now so there's no big rush but if you decide that you want one let me know x

  • They do still sell them.  Here you are :-


  • hmmm, actually it's not an isofix base, just a seatbelted base, but it would still give you the click and go benefits and also reduce the risk of incorrect fitting as you won't be doing it lots of times.   I did find the Prima Viaggio isofix base for sale at Kiddisave but it was £140.

  • That's not the isofix base it just secures with the seatbelt and the reviews aren't good on a few sites unfortunately.

    Debby, leave it with me I'll speak to H. Sorry to ask but assume it hasn't been in any accidents? I'm near Edinburgh but pass through Glasgow loads x

  • No need to be sorry, should have said that anyway, no it hasn't been in any accidents. I'm on both FB groups initials DK if you decided you wanted it.

  • i got a base on amazon half price special

  • My mum for a base for her car from eBay to go with our primo viaggio

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