You are all VERY naughty!

Just been too the post office because I missed a parcel on Saturday!... It's been bugging me all weekend too what it could be!!

You are all very naughty but all so very kind...You all made me cry!! 

I can't put into words how thoughtful and meaningful that is.. and it already has pride of place next to Jack in the front room, (I haven't include him in the picture because I didn't want too upset anyone. 

The Chocolates are amazing! - Can't wait too nibble on them soon! (Good job I didn't start my diet like I was suppose too last week haha)

And the Cheque well me and Hubby will have too think of something nice to treat ourselves too! (We never treat ourselves so will be amazing)

I just love the willow brand and so it's a perfect present... I honestly can not thank you ladies enough.. It's so amazing!

You really are a true bunch of amazing, lovely, thoughtful people 

Thank you xx

Here's a picture : 

Sorry it's sideways! 



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