Your first bag after you ditched the change bag?!

My Little girl has just turned two and I have a Yummy Mummy change bag. I don't feel that I need it now, but still need a large bag (as you always do with toddlers!) for spare clothes/drink and all my normal tat! Been looking at Cath Kidston bags but wondered if anyone had any suggestions?!




  • I just used a childs rucksack, from around 6/7 months.

  • As a treat to myself I had a lovely tote made by a seller on fb. Sew nicely done. Has an inside pocket and full zip. It's oilcloth and holds all my crap and my toddler's.

  • Ooo Daisy, sounds nice, who was it? x

  • Crashing in... sorry! Are there any masculine-looking changing bags out there? I have browsed bags and there's blimmin' faazands of 'em. I would like something neutral that we can both use as he'll probably be out and about with baby more than I will due to how the working hours fall.

  • Counter - the free bag you get from Boots parenting club is pretty unisex? (Ie just black).

  • You get free stuff??!??  :D

  • It was a maker on fb called sew nicely done. Think it cost me about £20.

    Not sure if your local coops are doing them but ours is giving away bags if you collect enough stickers. H has got a black rucksack and messenger bag which he is planning to use he doesn't want to use my Cath Kidston one for some strange reason.

  • get your toddler a small ruc sack then you can get your hand bag back! Once Luke started playgroup aged 2 I bought him a little bag to hang on the peg with his spare stuff in then you can keep your own stuff separate.

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