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Achy leg 13 weeks

Hi moms!

im new to this website/board overall but wanted to pick some mommy brains

i am 13 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child. Its been a rough 1st trimester with a move into a new house with 4 levels from a house with no steps, spotting for 6 weeks due to a peri gestational hemmorage, and a friable cervix, gas, and a sinus infection

anyway. Around 6 weeks I started getting this numbness/pins and needles sensation in my left leg. It was worse overnight or when I am sitting or crossing my legs. That has kind of faded (of course today it has been back) but I have just general leg aches and pains.  It can happen in both legs but it's worse in the left. They are in my thighs, calf, shins, knees. The places vary and some days are worse than others. I don't have any swelling or redness and it sometimes hurts if I rub the area that hurts. Anyone have any idea if this is normal in pregnancy? Or anyone experience it? And what about moving into a house with steps after

Living without  For 8 + years. any insight would be wonderful. Thanks guys. 


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