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Show us your belfie! Pregnant bump + selfie = belfie!

**UPDATE OCT 2017: We are no longer offering prizes for belly pics posted here, as we’re afraid we’ve run out of the stock we had. Please do continue to post your pics if you’d like to – we do LOVE seeing them. And we’ll let you know if/when we have more prizes to offer. Thank you! **


We're loving all the belfies some of you in our Birth Clubs are posting from time to time. And we thought it would be lovely to see even more of them!

So, we're starting this thread to invite you all to come along once a week and post a belfie and tell us how many weeks' pregnant you are.

Hopefully, we'll soon get a brilliant thread full of belfies of all shapes and sizes – and everyone who takes part will be able to see those bumps growing and changing from week to week.

PLUS, once a fortnight, as a big thank you from us to you, we'll pick a name from everyone who's posted a belfie in that fortnight and send them a nice little pregnancy-related prize.

So, just to recap, here's how to be in with the best chance of winning a prize:

1. Take a belfie (a selfie showing your pregnancy bump or, if you're pregnant but not showing much yet, your tummy).

2. Upload it to this thread (use the little camera icon on the Add your post message box) and say how many weeks pregnant you are.

3. Repeat, once a week! (You can post up a belfie less often than this – don't worry if you miss a week – but please don't post them more often than once a week or we'll get very confused!)

Thanks - and here's a pic of this fortnight's prize:




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