Am I paranoid or is this it?

I've recently (6 weeks ago) stopped taking Levest contraceptive pill as I dislike the personal side affects, since then I experienced 2 days of light bleeding which was identical to the regular bleeding I would get on my pill gap. The following week I bled my usual 5 days which looked more like my original type of period.(SORRY!)

Since then my partner and I have BD like a carnival. I have experienced tender to the touch nipples, a constant odd taste in my mouth though not quite metallic, odd dreams about babies and pregnancy before thinking the thought come to think, a clear (SORRY!!!) bogey-like discharge, and menstrual-like cramps intermittently for the last two weeks, at first I assumed AF was en route apparently not!

Assuming I have returned to my usual 28 cycle length post Levest as I normally have I am now 4 days late which never happens, I took a test impatiently 4 days ago which was a strong negative. I am trying to wait as long as possible to test again for accuracy.
I genuinely feel different, extremely emotional the latest having just cried watching Pitch Perfect 2, can anybody relate?
Thank you to any replies I feel like I've nobody to talk to and would hate to have OH or any family panic with me!

Amber xx

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